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  1. i use a long distance camera, but even if i use the standard one, i still get same problem - sorry for late response, cause it got postponed.. and i don't have idea about this (where to find) , thanks for the help too
  2. @fhandror hiii i followed your video , but then i got this error and idk what to do
  3. it's fixed now the f9 worked on the clean client i downloaded here (from archive) i also learned the proper way to use the passable and unpassable objects in dummy , my problem now is that this client has limit of 400 objects, once i reached that i can't add more objects as it deletes the old ones i already put. .. my friend told me to use other client, it fixed the max limit objects but some functions doesn't work (like f5 and f9) .. i am not sure of what the problem could be, but i think it depends on which client i use to edit the map .. does anyone have a client where i can freely add as many objects as i want and the f5 and f9 function works?
  4. @V3ct0r thank you, more questions, some functions in editor that was listed here doesn't work - the F9, when i press f9 to an object i get the "create height error" message, , thence i had to edit the passable and unpassable option in yammi - is there a better//faster way to edit it? or how can i make f9 work
  5. hi, i'm having trouble on this part i get this error and even thou i click okay and repeat it several times, the client doesn't open >n<
  6. i am new here and juat join serverdev. i need help, where can i download tales of pirates data base? i wanna try making a server, i looked in youtube for tutorials but the downl9ad links there are not working. so someone help me please. c(mment l*nk where i can dl the satabase
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