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  1. Hi, We're looking for someone who can design apparels. Not just recoloring. PM for more details
  2. Add me on discord please Styx#5436
  3. We're looking for 2 developers who are willing to work on our project. Requirements:- - C++ - Lua Will be paid per task or hourly, negotiable. If you're interested or would like to discuss this further, drop me a message here or add me on Discord -> Styx#5436
  4. Update. We're looking for 2 devs (Lua and C++)
  5. Hi! We’re looking for a few members to join our team in opening a new server. Currently we’re looking for:- - A head developer (We have another dev in the team as well) - A web designer - Map maker For more details please contact me here or on discord. Styxx#5436
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