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  1. Hello @noanshadow, can you post your error from lua_err? It would make it easier to help you
  2. This is non pkodev related, however I'd like to advise you to read ROSO's rules: https://www.rage-sage.com/home.php?act=rules Section II - Character Management
  3. Minimaps would be a great addition for your 2nd map (Frozen Island). Not to mention, it's easy to leech maps from clients, so the probability of your work not being stolen is 0.0000001%. However, your idea is nice.
  4. I tried to check the youtube video in that link, was it deleted? I had a large archive of old maps, I just need to identify how it looks.
  5. I don't know how you set your things up or what regions were blocked but I'm pretty sure that's not the case, I will check it with you as soon as I get my new wireless adapter.
  6. Hello, I checked this with you. For future questions please provide as many details as you can (Screenshots, recordings) or anything that might be useful for everybody to be able to identify your problem.
  7. Moved this thread to English Servers section.
  8. Hello @hendersongvc! Check this thread, it might help you. Also, if you are not using .\SQLEXPRESS, check whatever you use as an instance to connect to your SQL Database Engine.
  9. Hello, I don't think there is a way to actually do that unless you design the icon from scratch by yourself.
  10. Hola @Johan, No tengo idea de lo que esta mal, pero por lo que se hay una herramienta que viene con source code que le brinda la capacidad de editar dichos files.
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