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  1. Welcome to MAPKO Reborn Legendary! New and balanced classes, commited staff and around the clock pk! join us now in our new pk-update Official Website: https://www.rmpko.com/mapko/ Discord: https://discord.com/invite/aTtQ6Ye Staff Happiness Discord for help at all times and questions: Happiness#2260 Server is completely made for quick entry and catch up with quick ways to farm and becoming pro so easily! what you waiting for? download the game and join us in massive pk! Information Server on since 2016! Newbie quests teaches you everything about server and boosts you up very quick! Dungeons Easy Server All kind of staff with all kind of languages! Weekly and monthly main events. We listen to your suggestions in our server. New classes Automated events ( drop,quiz ) Fully organized maps PVP TOURNAMENTS COMPLETE command system for players that eases your experience Features: 4TH REB NEW CLASSES Hero system with complete dungeon system to farm it! Beast system Cast system Pray system Glow system Battlepower system 6 PK MAP IN ROTATION FOR ENDLESS PK! 2 BOSSES MAPS WITH INSANE REWARDS WEEKLY GUILD WAR Complete Anti-Tweak System New CUSTOMIZED apps,wings and glows! *( All systems fully explained in newbie quest ) 4th reb new classes Ninja - Master of movement speed and attack speed Elf- Amazing support class with heals and AoE stealth Pirate- King of damage and defense for all around stat Warlock - The ultimate magic class a serious killer Monk - Master of bless and the best in 1v1 comabt! very fun class Paladin - King of defense and support abilites! All original classes are available and balanced aswell! MAGIC CLASSES MATTERS IN OUR SERVER Wondering how to get pro? ITS JUST EASY! JOIN US NOW
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