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  1. That's easy to say when you know where the issue is coming from. Could you specify a bit more @mkhzaleh? Thanks!
  2. Hello community, I am using Corsair's Online Source Code and I encountered a very strange bug and I can't find what's causing it. Basically, when I use some skills (At the moment it happened with "Berserk", "Heal" and "Fairy body") it causes a self visual death. (Hp bar is at 100% but your char is layed on the ground with the revive in town button), if you press the button to revive, nothing happens, you are forced to relog, and when you relog, you go back to the same position. It doesn't happen 100% of the times, it happens randomly. Did anyone experience this bug before? Do you know where it comes from and how can I fix it? Thank you! -xexu
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