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  1. i need help to conect other players in my ip to play..
  2. how add new glow in item info?
  3. thanks brother, if any of you can help me I will be very grateful
  4. hellow !! yes i tred whit that guide, but error " Database [GameDB] Connect Failed!"
  5. Hello. I would like if someone can advise or help me to make a private server in 2020, I have a pc with windows 10 -64bits I tried to do it with sql server 2017 but it did not work very well and the truth is I do not know how to make a functional database with one of the server files that are posted here, can someone advise me to create a server, or better I give up and I do it with windows XP, greetings!
  6. from where can I download it the work is amazing !!
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