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  1. but what ip i need to match??? my public ip?? my ipv4??? mi gateway?
  2. hi, i would like to ask a few questions about how to create a server. First of all the BDs are already created and linked in my sql server, I have no problem playing with the local IP. my problem is that I can't get other people to connect to my server, the port 1973 is open on my router. and the executable is compiled with my public ip. Now according to this introduction I will ask my questions. What am I doing wrong? For example, what IP should I put in the listen_ip of my accountserver.cfg? my ipv4, my default gateway or my public ip? what should i place on dbserver? (local), the name of my server (these 2 options work well when I play in local mode), my ipv4, my default gateway or my public ip. I only ask for one of the .cfg, since it must be the same for the others. In advance thanks for the help.
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