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  1. Chaos Argent is now opening.
  2. Auto-Trace System Not anyone knows their destination and it is a hassle spending your time clicking all the way through. With our auto-tracing system we give you the easiest way to track NPCs or Monsters with just few clicks!
  3. Dedicated Client Interface We want to provide a better gaming experience not only with the game content but also with the interface
  4. Guild Vault and Logs A member of a guild can have a privilege to access their guild vault. They can withdraw or deposit items within the safe-area of the map. And members don't need to worry about stealing, we implemented guild logs so everyone can track vault activities
  5. Life Skill Experience Bar You don't have to guess on how much life experience you already earned. We added life experience bar for you to keep track of your progress
  6. Added more Game Settings We offer different variety of options on the game setting that suit on your needs
  7. DAILY QUEST SYSTEM Once you reach level 41 you will be able to take daily missions from NPC's like Castle Guard - Peter, Icicle Swordsman - Ray, and High Priest - Gannon to kill monsters based on your level bracket. Each quest will ask you to random monsters and will give you 12,500G as a reward. You are able to take the quest 12 times a day. You can abandoned the quest that it will take you a gold penalty. Each abandoned quest also counts and will give you less chance on achieving 10 obtainable gold a day. You can also obtain Daily Supply item that will give you random rewards such us leveling fruit for fairies + socket set and more.
  8. Inventory Multi-Selection Players are now allowed to select the items inside their inventory to do actions. You don't need to drop, delete, or throw items one-by-one anymore! Just simply press ctrl + left click on the items you want to select and while pressing ctrl right click on any selected items and choose what action you want to do
  9. Monster Info Interface Now you won't be needing to go anywhere else just to see information about a monster. Simply right click any monsters and select the info you want to see
  10. In-Game Portal Timer You will never complain again on being late for mazes! This interface will give you accurate timings for each portals
  11. Mount System We have series of mounts that you can obtain by events, rewards or In-Game Shop
  12. Corsairs Online has officially launched! Last April 23rd, Corsairs Online was launched officially. We bring a new meta of gameplay that you will surely love! Explore new features, quests, challenging daily quests! We bring a nostalgic series of contents but have modern modifications that can let you enjoy it furthermore! Website Link: https://corsairs.online/ Facebook Link https://www.facebook.com/corsairs.official Discord Link: https://discord.gg/tmzJKcmsFf Server Rates: Max Player Level: 70 Max Fairy Level: 42 Solo Experience: x2 (Double experience bonus during weekend and Party members bonuses) Drop Rate: x1 Fairy Rate: x5 Ship Exp Rate: x10 Current Gems Limits: Broken Gems: 3 Cracked Gems: 3 Unique Gems: 2 Normal Gems: 5 Current Available Maps: Forsaken City: Opens every 3 hours interval Dark Swamp: Opens every 3 hours interval Demonic World: Opens every 3 hours interval Chaos Argent: (Incoming update this weekend) Additional Information: Single Account Instance with Multiple Characters Privilege Mount System Auto-Trace NPC & Monsters Guild Vault with Logging Records In-Game Portal Timer More Game Settings Life Skill Bar Monster Information Interface Reworked Experience System Inventory Items Multi-Selection Daily Quests and many more! What do we offer? Guaranteed Online 24/7 with excellent Anti-DDoS protection 100% Secured! Database Backup, Password Encrypting, and with Anti WPE/RPE Balanced Server Reputation to Credit Award Center for Credits Literally Not P2W Server Daily Login Rewards Daily Server Rewards (Events) Active Support Discord Ticketing System
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