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  1. Use Deguix Decompiler to decompile top 2 bins. https://mega.nz/folder/OUMUgTYb#jtCsqh7halK_O9uzWyaG0g/folder/DAFTSaQQ
  2. Tried but still not working. I've read the Zend guide but zend isn't free right?,or at least that what i saw when i researched it.
  3. Hi!, yeah, all that was enabled already, but still getting the error
  4. @BackpackYeah, website is running on the same host. I've tried but sql 2014 only works with its own name ./SQLEXPRESS
  5. Hi, mssql is on. Server files are able to connect properly to database. But web still not.
  6. Whats up yall? I am trying to set up my website with xampp. I've been already setting up simple websites before, but now i am getting this Errors (depending if i use the IP directly or the SQL id name): If i use ./SQLEXPRESS, this pops up (it is the same i am using for gameserver, and gameserver has no problem when connecting to database): If i use the ip directly, i get this: Some additional information: I am using SQL server 2014. The xampp version i am using ia 1.6.8. Tried this also with 5 different websites from the public archive. Already opened ports 80 and 1433 and made sure no other application was using them. Enabled all protocols in sql server configuration manager Tried turning firewall off and it didn't work as wel. Reinstalled xampp and tried different versions but it didn't work. In the /SQLEXPRESS host, i also tried adding ,1433 and it didn't work Is there anything i am missing? A few weeks before i made another website and had no problems with it. Now that i am using a new vps i am getting thsi problem, kinda weird. THANKS
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