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  1. Hi, there isn't any other repeated chaospk global variable. Should i add it in variable.lua?
  2. Hi @JaR I had that already but it would still fail.
  3. @TenseiCA didn't open with that script neither and the lua error log is still appearing
  4. What's up yall? My chaos Argent map isn't working. The files i am using have the lua extension for CA and the ctrl.lua is including it. This is the log the server is throwing: "/resource/garner2\ctrl.lua:3: attempt to index global 'chaospk' (a nil value)" and the same for line 13. This is how ChaosArgent.lua looks like at the start: local Notice,SystemNotice = Notice,SystemNotice chaospk = chaospk or {} chaospk.conf = { mapName = 'garner2', saveSpawn = 0, canPk = 1, canTeam = 0, mapType = 3, mapCopy = 1, chaAllow = 100, canStall = 0 } chaospk.entry = { mapName = 'Chaos Argent', closeTime = 30, shutdown = 45, hoursOpen = 1, closeShow = {60,45,30,15,10,9,8,7,6,5,4,3,2,1} } chaospk.pos = { mapName = 'Icicle Castle', x = 1370, y = 532, map = 'darkblue' } chaospk.entryFee = { level = 41, gold = 20000, rep = 0, honor = 0 } Maybe the gameserver.exe is missing an integration?
  5. Tried all of those but still won't connect. I also tried Perseus Web and it isn't connecting to the db as well, also some other extensions that use php aren't connecting. Somehow mssql is blocking the php connections but idk how.
  6. Hiya @V3ct0r, i triple checked that sql host + user + password were correct but i still get the error. It is rare because my server exes connect without any problem but php still can't connect. Also, i have all the sqlsrv drivers installed. Might there be a specific config inside sql management studio that i need to edit?
  7. YeYeJuice

    Fastpanel tricks

    Hello! How can i add the 1-6 number slots? (No f keys)
  8. Use Deguix Decompiler to decompile top 2 bins. https://mega.nz/folder/OUMUgTYb#jtCsqh7halK_O9uzWyaG0g/folder/DAFTSaQQ
  9. Tried but still not working. I've read the Zend guide but zend isn't free right?,or at least that what i saw when i researched it.
  10. Hi!, yeah, all that was enabled already, but still getting the error
  11. @BackpackYeah, website is running on the same host. I've tried but sql 2014 only works with its own name ./SQLEXPRESS
  12. Hi, mssql is on. Server files are able to connect properly to database. But web still not.
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