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  1. thanks for your answer, can you be a bit more specific about what code i have to remove? i been testing and i also noticed the "malformed packet" error in gate server.
  2. hello, im currently working whit this files and im getting a random disconnect for apparently, no reason. mostly when im moving in combat areas. if i leave my char afk inside or outside citys it stays on for hours. is not in a particular map, can happen in any. Takes about 45-60 min. to happen, the client dont crash just shows the "disconnected from server" windows. The client dont show any error or game server lua logs. The only report i get from the disconnect is this from "util_db.log" [07-07 14:56:27]exec_sql_direct : [update account set last_ip='',disc_reason ='Ô¶³ÌÖ÷»úÇ¿ÆȹرÕÁËÒ»¸öÏÖÓеÄÁ¬½Ó¡£',last_leave =getdate() where act_id =4] [07-07 14:56:27]exec_sql_direct [SQL]: [update character set mem_addr =0 where cha_id =5] Another error i see is this in "util_db_error.log" 15:02:25]SQL Error State:42000, Native Error Code: 66, ODBC Error: [Microsoft][ODBC SQL Server Driver][SQL Server]Incorrect syntax near ','.
  3. hello, sorry for replying a 3 year old post, but im very interested about learning more about set effects and i want to understand this part of the code local Check_Nianshou = CheckItem_Nianshou ( ATKER ) ------ this check if the set is equiped if Check_Nianshou == 1 then ---- this says it is on local P_R = 0.1 ---- local numeric definition for p_r? local job = GetChaAttr( ATKER , ATTR_JOB ) ---- ask for the class of the attacker? if job == 5 then ----- if class is ... herbalist? P_R = 0.03 ---- another definition? end local Percentage = Percentage_Random ( P_R ) ---- confused about this part if Percentage == 1 then AddState ( ATKER , DEFER , STATE_XY , 1 , 1 ) ---- STATE_XY this mean stun? where i can check other states? SystemNotice ( ATKER , "Recieved blessing from Goddess. Knock out target for 1 sec") end end Check_Ys_Rem ( ATKER , DEFER) ------dont get this part Also, where is the hp recover fuction? this seems only to be for the mini stun, but kylin set also heals u by a small chance from taking hits. I want to understand the already made effects so i can create my owns more effectively thank you!
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