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  1. Hey guys, I searched around the forum and haven't really found a recent open source launcher for 1.3X files that does the basic functions of updating, validating and launching the client. Is there any interest to creating one? And if there is, what features would you deem necessary? Hydra
  2. What exactly are you trying to do? Looks like a standard search for a keyword, you could possibly try using Regexp for a performance improvement if that's something you think needs improvement.
  3. So, does this initiative have a repository to track/contribute to fixing bugs? I think this is the second thread I'm reading where bug fixes are shared in text blocks, with little discussion about the version of the person experiencing the bug, etc. I saw someone mention creating a repository but I don't see it posted here? Hydra
  4. Hey, You can test this out on your local machine. Trying it out will rule out any internet speeds and see if you can reproduce this "lag" and rollbacks. If they persist, then I would say its not a ping issue, but the game itself. Hydra
  5. Hey @J0k3r, Would you explain how your code achieves a 100% success rate because from what I can read the code you proposed has a 75% and 50% rate for lv10-15 and lv15-20? Where as the code you said wont work will always return 1(true) thus making each call success?
  6. The error is wrongly configured servers. If you are getting this error, then either the GroupServer, GameServer or both aren't configured with the correct port to the GateServer. Check the settings under [Gate] in GameServer if they match the IP and port the GateServer is running on, you should check this for all servers since either not working is going to cause errors.
  7. Really glad I found this forum. Without researching outside of this thread I assume this project never got off the ground. Sadly this is what happens when you aim for a project that is way out of your league. Hopefully people who have similar inspirations can use this as an example and instead of writing a hype-fueled essay can break down their server development plan. In my opinion a good private server can be made without trying to recreate half of the game play systems people have knowledge of. I am sure everyone on this forum is here because they have played the original game and then switched to a private server, which was the closed for a number of reasons. This was a good read for people setting up unrealistic expectations and then giving up when they aren't met in time. In my opinion if OP took his time and fleshed out an idea, strapped up a server and listened to people's response (this is a tricky part) he could have made a server that I would very much enjoy playing. I still believe (and hope) that people could develop actually enjoyable servers that will not be perfect but can be subject to updates and overall improvement in quality.
  8. Hey, Vector, Thanks for the reply. You are correct, I saw there was a mismatch in the .cfg files where Listen_IP for the GateServer was different, when I matched it, it worked. Thanks, now I am off research how to resolve the next issue - when I try to enter a map with my character. *EDIT* The issue was a mismatch between the GateServer IP in the different .cfg files, upon syncing them all up everything worked. *EDIT* Hydra
  9. Hey, this issue might be caused from incorrect SQL server login credentials, or even SQL Server settings. Make sure your SQL server accepts Windows Authentication AND SQL Server authentication to connect. Hydra
  10. Hey, guys, New member here. Reason for this post is that when setting up a 1.36 server I am getting this error when trying to log in as seen in the image below. I am not seeing any errors in the Gate or Group servers. Does anyone have an idea what might be causing this, I can provide further information as needed. Thanks, Hydra EDIT: I found more logs in the systems folder and they had this message in them - "[04-14 15:22:23][04-14 15:22:27][MSG]Load Txt File [scripts/txt/CharacterAction.tx] Fail!". So yeah, guess this file is wrong/corrupted, I will be trying with other ones soon.
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