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  1. Thank you very much, that's what I thought. How you will use the same name to perform the action. Be careful because someone wants to smear your image, I've been told that yesterday the same thing happened to me on Friday on another server and that they used your name too
  2. üJazs reach Hall of Fame, +1000 CA Points Congrats
  3. Thank you for your support, although I am surprised by your promotion message, it is coincidental that the account that I try to throw away the server is "luaguy". Thank God the server continues, we will be just as strong again and always working for a clean community of true game lovers. No greed and working for and for our players.
  4. Hall of Fame: -•Tyr -Pawner - Void - Sooyaaa Come and enjoy with us!
  5. Share Event!! U like win 25K Crystal and 10€(paypal)? Look at the image and follow the steps. Http://www.ageofvikingsgame.eu/ AoV Family wishes you great fun!! The winner will be announced on Jun 7! https://m.facebook.com/story.php?story_fbid=134472368244861&id=104114467947318
  6. Hall of Fame: 1st AoV Tournament Winner: •Tyr 1st +1000 Chaos Points: Pawner
  7. How you do to fix it. In my own pc have the same problem and not know how to fix
  8. Welcome to the first "AOV Tournament", this tournament consists of two categories: 1vs1 and party. In the 1vs1 category there will be a group phase in which if the participants are <33 there will be 4 groups where the first two will be classified. In the event that there are> 33 participants there will be 8 groups and only 1 player per group will be classified. In the group stage, everyone will face each other once in a 3-round duel. Whoever wins 2 or more rounds will get 1pt. For this category they can only register with one player per person, please be patient in registering because if they register with two or more players, all registrations will be null. You can register until May 20 at 4:00 p.m. on the server. The group phases will be played as the AOV Staff publishes the quadrants, it will be the players who will play your duels at the time that best suits you. For this you must notify @ Ar3n or me, so we will go to PvP to see your duel. And to be able to record the results. The final phase will be played on Friday May 22, just as the group phase you can compete at the time that best suits you, you just have to notify one of the GMs. This final phase will be resolved in 5 rounds, the final will be played on Saturday at the time that we agree with the finalists and will be played in 7 rounds. The prize is 10,000 Crystal for the winner and 5,000 Crystal for the second. We also have the "Party" category, this category will be played on Saturday May 23, just as 1vs1 can only participate with one player and one party. The dynamic will be elimination phase and you can participate as the AOV staff publishes the quadrant, you must notify one of the GMs so they can record the results. The final of the party category will be held on Sunday 24 at the time that we agree with both parties. The prize will be 2.5K crystal for each of the participants of the winning party. Enjoy with us: https://discord.gg/DqA32Dt
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