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  1. Public, if hosted from own PC or Host IP. If they can access website, then they should be able to access server.
  2. Turn on TCP and make sure Game.exe matches GateServer so the client can listen and connect. You have to open the exe's and then you can go to use CanYouSeeMe and see if port is "green" and not red. Then make a client with I.P changer or serverset.bin connecting to whatever your I.P is.
  3. Most filters are used to disregard dupes etc, but to me they are not really needed; they don't really do anything in my opinion, most common stuff like socket problems/connection are due to host and or the build of src compiled with exploits and or debugs.
  4. If you guys are looking for most bug fixes and trusted seller, go talk to Mothanna, the rest is a [?].
  5. Black Skin for CO Client based (Itemdrop/Mob Stats sold seperately from other developers)
  6. Need to modify through Game.exe, or do changes in string text for already pre-made ones in iteminfo I think 823 and other Title medals, otherwise with client source.
  7. I did that since start, and there are some I met that are trusted.
  8. There's no such thing as no exploits/bugless You just find trusted people.
  9. These were released to public xD, they were further improved to these which fixed exploits like facebug, unlimited stats.
  10. It's in client side, one of the .clu files forgot which one.
  11. Yes, leave it idle, having GameServers running constantly; give it 2 days, it'll freeze.
  12. Running a server on a personal computer is bad, it will not last long and will freeze and force the pc to restart. It is only good for personal testing/updates.
  13. Esta ayuda que está solicitando no es difícil. Hay algunas páginas que explican cómo hacerlo, solo pasa un tiempo buscando. Solo toma tiempo.
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