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  1. Try to find CSVed and use it, it aligns things for you, and also some files need an extra 0 at the next line for it to be able to compile without error.
  2. Dan

    AntiDupe V2

    I think if I remember correctly, you have to load hook before serialize.
  3. If you want the icons, just copy the icons from the folder and replace your current one. or if you want to find individual icon pictures, look at iteminfo.txt and see what the icon name is for the certain item.
  4. It is just the entryName, you can check maps like Thundoria Mirage and see it's .clu
  5. You can check this, it is a nice addition to if you desire, to "add how many players inside" https://pkodev.net/topic/1886-portal-maps/
  6. You probably did something wrong, or your server reads an extra 0.
  7. You can decompile a clean iteminfo.bin and open the .txt and copy it to yours, otherwise you can copy Rebirth Stone 1 line and change name to Revive Stone and Item ID to 5765, and change icon id line.
  8. Dan

    Anubis Pirates Online

    Wrong section. Moved to correct section.
  9. Yes but you need to modify the code, and do something else if you are not checking for character to have certain ItemID in inventory.
  10. No, you can change the 7008 to an itemID you want.
  11. It's checking if your character has the itemID 7008 in bag.
  12. @Brothers You need to see if you have the item local item = CheckBagItem(role,7008) -- Item required to be in your inventory if fused.
  13. Dan


    Please show your .cfg for GameServer
  14. Dan


    GameServer.cfg = GameServer You need to make another GameServer executeable for GameServer1,2,3,4,5,6.cfg, but mainly only should need 3 for the Regions of Ascaron, Deep Blue, Magical Ocean. Unless you have the GameServer.exe that opens all regions in 1 GameServer.exe
  15. Is it the glow, or is it a effect such as stunning or gain X stats?
  16. I actually made it like you would with clothing apparels, and made the item type acceptable to fuse in CAN_FUSE/FORGE in one of the .lua files I don't recall.
  17. These seem to be my old files, if it is you need to fuse the colored neck into a necklace, as the icon I made shows that you need to fuse.
  18. I honestly have been playing Lost Ark, it is basically a better updated version of TOP. The game focuses a lot on playing "alts" The game contributes to a lot of time spent on reaching your main to a certain Gear Level, and then focusing on your alts to bring it up near your main to help provide resources for your main. They have a nice gem system/skill/card set system. There isn't much PvP in Lost Ark, its more of you do dungeons together with your party, and beat bosses, and bid gold on items. The "Honing" - as we would call in TOP "Forging" with + Equipments, is only to satisfy the player wanting to seek being the "top" equipment geared, but in theory it is only to reach certain Item Level Requirements to unlock/do raids. They use auction house as well, to buy apparels, gemming enhancements, pots, pets.
  19. You will have to go through them all and open with a texture editor, there was a way, but I forgot how I did it in the past.
  20. it is in the effect or skill folder, in there it contains I think a .lgo and texture file.
  21. I don't work with TOP stuff anymore, so I don't recall where I placed the client. but you should be able to find the STATE_BBRING in your skilleff the line and just change the current skillID glow it shows.
  22. If you want to change the glow, you just change it in skilleff.txt and then compile the bin, you just change the skilleff glow ID to a different glow ID. You can see the rings I have here, I gave it different glow.
  23. if I recall 825 is kylin armor, so if person has it + a ring on the right side, it will activate glow? otherwise need 2 rings equipped, might also want to check skilleff.bin to see if STATE_BBRING1-6 has a .eff in the line, and then also see if STATE_BBRING skilleff is in server side STATE_BBRING = XXX
  24. You can use the /temp to put the item in tempbag and make a function to check if the item is in tempbag if its true then give X poss eff, I've done this similar to "Titles" in the past, also like bracelet/handguards etc. You might just need to remove poss effect glow if they're using the skill.
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