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  1. Does this work on 1.36? Or only on 1.38? I couldn't get it to work. I get an incorrect password error.
  2. I fixed and improved it a little bit. I will make a pull request later.
  3. I loved the idea. However, I tried to put 5 plain text files inside a folder to do a test. The program creates the folder and sometimes downloads one file or another, but never all of them. Could you tell me what I'm doing wrong?
  4. Im using GAME_13X_3 client and 1.36 server. If this 500 limit cannot be changed, is there any way to force a character to learn the skill even if they don't match the pre requirement?
  5. Hi guys, I increased SkillInfo limit on server and client following @V3ct0r's tutorial. After that the game opens and the server starts normally. But still I can't add the skill to a character either via AddChaSkill or &skill. The game still says that the skill above 500 doesn't exist. It is possible to fix this?
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