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  1. can you at least direct me to a simple and manageable item mall website? I have downloaded and tested alot and none have the mall panel. thanks again!
  2. need some help adding items on the item mall?!... thanks!
  3. Mr.LiM

    PKO Base Files

    which map is this? just thought to check a new sheep skin scroll and this showed up. can not enter the map? thanks! SOLVED! just added the same thing on the gameserver.cfg that is needed to be opened. free photo hosting
  4. Mr.LiM

    PKO Base Files

    but it managed to load up the map that i needed?!... I haven't checked the DreamIsland yet,.. thanks!
  5. Mr.LiM

    [0.1.0] topCMS

    so sorry, but where is the link to the topcms? is it this one? [1.0.0] topCMS - Web - PKODev.NET - Community of Developers & Administrators thank you!
  6. Mr.LiM

    PKO Base Files

    that is weird?! i don't have that option?!... and about the adding/opening a closed map, it should look like this right? gameserver's started normally. is it possible that all map's can be started in just one gameserver? like, gameserver in one? thanks! your a life saver!
  7. Mr.LiM

    PKO Base Files

    that sucks,.. still you responded! and I am eternally grateful! so sorry, but how can I give you a rep? or like? here.
  8. Mr.LiM

    PKO Base Files

    OMG!!! i never thought somebody is still active here... thanks a bunch!!!! thank you! thank you! thank you!
  9. Mr.LiM

    PKO Base Files

    how to add map? or open maps that are closed? like eastgoaf etc.... thanks!
  10. Mr.LiM

    PKO 2.4 + IGS

    woaw! dead link long time... kindly revive... thanks!....
  11. little help?!... thanks!
  12. need some help about a little configuration on how to play locally with another computer on the network? this would be the whole config file, just wondering which IP should I replace with a local or global IP with? thanks! god bless!
  13. need little help with this one... that's when i open my storage box... what to do? thanks!
  14. Mr.LiM

    [1.0.0] topCMS

    help?! i can't pass thru this step "php artisan serve" it keeps showing this ....
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