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  1. Туман https://gyazo.com/02d664e08771ef6a4bff8aa9679bfdf2
  2. Тестирование карты нормалей
  3. Утилизация стандартных теней До После
  4. Tell the buyer that if we find your design on their site, they will be in some trouble. Keep stealing other people's designs and saying it's not stealing) Our business is to warn)
  5. The fact that this site was leaked by one bastard does not mean that it can be "torn up" and used for yourself without even asking permission. The design was drawn by the wrong person who leaked it to free access. So delete this image and everything will be fine.
  6. You didn't implement this design, but you take it to earn money - well done. Go on. Any project that takes our design must at least ask for permission to do so, otherwise the server may have problems. Information for reference.
  7. http://kara-online.ru/index @Billie keep lying
  8. Young man, did you really design our website for us? Where is your copyright?? @Billie
  9. Оптимизация клиента при отрисовки частиц. Снижение нагрузки в 30.000 на OGL клиенте.
  10. Динамическая подсветка горячих клавиш
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