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  1. Hello Developer’s, if you thought of working on a server and you want to do it as a team, i’m inviting 4-5 active Developers to make a team. Message me if you think you are capable working on team. Will it be vanilla / medium or high rates? This will be discussed between members of the team. We will work with sources? Yes we will. Will it be CO sources? No it wont, we will use clean top sources. Interested? Dm me. (We only hiring 4 to 5 dev members, take your place). Doesn’t matter if your only a Lua Developer/Website Developer or C++ Developer, as we hiring all of you until we reach the number we’re looking for. My Discord: Billie#0847
  2. @Brothers make sure you have the function to make refs/gems until lv 9 inside attrcalculate, search for the “, 101 or , 102” so you continue adding them until “, 109” (I’m sending this reply through phone, otherwise i would send the code)
  3. Its a client-side issue its just a piece of code to be removed, theres no need to make any changes at server-side for this issue.
  4. He can keep the creds for design, i never edited that part, aint my property once its sold. Belongs to KOP now, even if he puts his name there now its not my problem so idk why you mention me, like i said not his website code / just his simple design (also not my problem if the owner changes the footer).
  5. Hi @Snowfall, i think you should dig more before mentioning me on this thread, just cuz i took the design of vectors website doesnt mean its his code, the website above is on Pdo which vectors version isn’t, about the design i took it to use for people who doesnt need one. For other stuff related to my website Vector could dm me directly and i can prove him thats not his website code. Just cuz other people stole your stuff doesn’t have to do anything with him, and i never said i’m Billy aka 7n6 so idk why you even said that too. Have a nice day.
  6. Just saw this thread, wondering how long is your week? Hi from 2021
  7. Well as i’m asking for a web developer, “if” you/he/she a web dev and you want more info about what im looking for then feel free to dm.
  8. Looking for a Website Developer DM me at discord for more info: Billie#0847
  9. I really can't wait to see it now take care of ur problems instead of spamming my thread
  10. I didn't take it from the person you talking about, i ripped it on my own, so if you wanna argue for something that is already public idk what to tell you. Also ripping is not stealing ur website function, just the template. (For the full website you talking, you gotta deal to the person who shared it, which is not used by me here). Another thing: This is just shown here so people know how i work, and its not for sale at all. Just a work example.
  11. @Kara Online You either don't know english or something is wrong with you, i didn't said i didn't take it there, i said i ripped it, and i didn't design it for you. Which means i cloned the design of that style, i didn't make it for ur server. It doesn't have any features of urs, also ur website is FREE Public at the RU-Threads, so you may dig there instead of spamming my thread about ripping, take care
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