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  1. Does anyone have the code that counts the number of players inside the maze? I know there's one on the forum, but over time it gives the bug "FUCNCTION. LUA STACK OVERFLOW in the code lines" the V3ctor one that is only used in the after enter functions and before_leave seems promising because it only works when someone enters or leaves, unlike map_copy_run which updates all the time, but it doesn't work

    resource/abandonedcity\ctrl.lua:48: )' expected near º'

    SetPortalName("<darkswamp>", string.format("%d player(s) inside", GetMapActivePlayer(GetChaMapCopу(role)) - 1))

  2. I've been trying to make Antidupe V2 work for a few days, but without success so far, "I created a folder called Dupe V2 inside the Extension, I ran the file dofile(GetResPath("script/extension/dupe v2 /init.lua")) , but I always get this image error Thank you very much everyone.image.png.b7192298a3e86e41303153fbaefb3270.png

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