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  1. i wanna give my opinion on recent posts here about the source code, i don't think you need a full guide but some basic facts would be fine, like when you downloaded the files for the SRC you get all this folders with names and more files inside, i think it would help if you know what folder is used for, for example where is the source code, where are the scripts for items npc,, im working with a friend that is really good on c++ and i still don't know how to tell him where is the src in the dowloaded files cuase i have never seen this files before. my point is we don't need a guide but just a more easy way to understand wich files do what.
  2. you can do it manually also, check v3t0r guide on how to do it.
  3. HI @V3ct0r yeah i have seen this files they are great but i wanna know where to find new ones i have seen in some servers or how to make my own.
  4. Hi, i was wondering ¿where i can find new appereals?, i know there is already some old files with all the common appereals, but i have seen in some servers custom appereals, like avengers appereals, etc. if they were made by the server developers ¿ how can i make my own? thanks.
  5. Hi, i was wondering in a 1.38 client which are the most bugs in the game to fix, i wanna run a vanilla sort of server but wanna know what to fix.
  6. thanks v3t0r, once one saving the day, btw answer my direct message i want some of your top services.
  7. This is just a thankyou letter to all the community here that likes to help and solve other people problems, thanks to all this post i started to learn to code and take my pko project to the next level, i am a creative director and really got cool ideas for my server specially visually that's my main area, so in a couple of months hope i can share with you all my progress and also sharing with you free content, mostly visual content new maps redisegn, that's easy for my team and new appereals!. so for now thank you for solving my main douts and it's time to work see you soon with a post with cool visual pko content. once again thank you guys, i am not only making a server i started to "CODE" and that makes me happy, is so fun.
  8. i mean i did, but in other to understand must of the stuff in the guides specualy fixing bugs and creating new things you need to learn, so.. that's why i ask what i need to learn.
  9. thank you so much this is exactly what i was needing, this should be aviable for everyone to see if they wanna start their own server and don't know anything about coding, thank you so much.
  10. hi, wille here, i been learning a lot here this forum is awesome, unfortunately i don't notting about it coding, my question here is ¿what you need to know, wich programs, whats the basics knolewege to be aviable to modify your game by yourself?
  11. as the tittle say it, i been learning a lot in this forum i am a grapich designer and 3d model so all the sql stuff and scrpits etc its been a slow prosess for me but succesfully have made my offline server for now before realising it to the public, this tipe of stuff compiler decompiler i don't get it. thanks.
  12. hi, im new to the whole TOP scripts and all that fancy sql stuff, i been learning alot in this forum, but ¿can anyone tell what's the porpuse of doing this? thanks.
  13. willewallo

    Game.exe Info

    couldn't use it.¿how do i open and where?, by itself didn't do anything, and whe i open my CMD and put it there only usage gameinfo <Path to Game.exe> appears, wonder what im missing
  14. willewallo

    Compiler (Tool)

    can you explain for what is this progam need it?
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