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  1. from one piece . they were sick of just being in an anime
  2. If its a DB issue I have no idea how to fix it xD. Basically this DB only one I have that works so far xD. But ill give it a try to change gameserver.exe.
  3. ty I did,it works and all BUT,when I need to enter security code for account it keeps saying "server is busy" idk why
  4. Hi, I was wondering if someone could maybe make a guide on how to patch Server files. If not a guide can you guys maybe just walk me throught it. Because I have a server and everything ,even a client. Just need to patch that client so that I can play my server Much appreciated
  5. BTW yes I have checked out other posts and stuff. Sadly they helped nothing,thats why I'm looking for someone who is willing to help me via teamviewr or something
  6. Hi, I am trying to make a small server for me and my friends to play. First I want to launch it vial local pc ( ) to do some config on it. Sadly I keep getting the same problem over and over. IDK what I am doing wrong but I'm always getting an error saying : "main database handler create failed, Accountserver hang!" Also my groupserver gives me basically the same msg. it says "unable to connect to database." I know I'm a bit noob with the hole connecting of DB stuff I really need help Maybe if someone waan teamview me and help me that would be great !! Cos I need help connecting my server to my DB
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