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  1. Hello, since i'm leaving the industry of developing a server. I just want to sell the last server that I've been working for months. The reason why I'am selling this is because I just want something to gain back with my efforts and time that i dedicate on creating the server. I'm very passionate with this game and I just wanted to tell you that this is not too late for you to create or open your own server. Opening a server gives you a lot of experience not only on developing it but also it gives fun on sharing your vision of happiness thru this game to other players out there. You can use this as your base files since you can easily configure it using variables or you can even use this to already launch a server. This is the documentation of my server PDF Package Inclusion: - Server Files - Client Files - Extra Files that help server stability - Website is NOT included - I can help with server installation and I’m willing to teach you basic stuffs for free - If bug exist, I’m more than happy to fix it for you also for free! Pricing and Payment method: - Price: $50 Negotiable! - Method: PayPal or Western Union Contact: - Discord: coz.zy#5684 - Here at PKODev My files are looking forward to be a part of your journey. Thank you!
  2. I need to buy the ff: - One click IGS (No need to type the password) - Titles & Color names - Include the name of the original item before apparel fusion on item description (Sample image below) I tried to contact @V3ct0r but i think he is really busy in real life. So if there is someone who can perform this mods. Please dm me or comment below. PS: I want to retain my Game.exe so if you are offering your whole Game.exe to get this mods i will pass. I need someone who can implement those mods on my Game.exe Thank you.
  3. @Perseus is correct. Convert the music files inside music folder. Disregard the subfolders inside it like, combat, monsters etc. Just l one right after you open the music folder. Convert it to .ogg format. Make sure to change it on the music.txt as well (if im not mistaken) and compile it so that the client will recognize the format. Or best way is just to delete the music folder.
  4. Thank you so much. This works perfectly. :)
  5. Hello, how to increase min/max attack when adding spirit attribute and must be effective only if the player is Cleric, SM, or Voy. The idea is to have fair normal attack for magic types. Thanks in advance.
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