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  1. Hello there , i am looking for an item editor , before couple of years i could find it online but after those canadians make pirateking online they remove all links with this item editor tool from the sites and i cant find it , maybe do u have this tool please?>

  2. Hello guys before some years 5-8 around there were on internet some files of Yammi like tools to create weapons gems maps quests npcs , it was a huge folder on mediafire , suddenly my pc motherboard went off along with my disk and i lost this files , does anyone has this files and tools and can make me a link to get them please???
  3. When i try to attack database to SQL gives me error 5120 can somebdody help me please?
  4. When i try to attack database to SQL gives me error 5120 can somebdody help me please?
  5. Hello where is the guides?? to make new server from the begining ?? have they been removed??
  6. PLZ People i need an item aditor or better item from CVSED because its too laggy , once before a year a guy had upload an exe that was like an item editor , can anyone share with me plz
  7. can somedoby tell me plz how i can i put work shop in game
  8. do u have a script that will add crystals in GetExp_New(dead, atk) cause i am a litle bit newbie with scripts yet
  9. thank you very much v3ctor , spasiba
  10. HEllo everybody , i would like someone to teach me how i can make monsters drops crystals for IGS , i would be really gratefull if someone can teach me plzzz ..
  11. alexman90gg

    2.4 IGS

    Well dude Brain or not all this is about knowledge , knowledge is gained by people share informations each other , when people start keep infos for them and try to sell them how did u call this ? Me and many other peoples are not progammers and we dont have basic knowledge about those , is that bad that we ask for people to help us ? or to share with us some info ?
  12. alexman90gg

    2.4 IGS

    thank you really dude !!! u are very kind !! most people asks money for files like those
  13. here is a pic with everything that guides said , but i still getting error ... plz if anyone knows a way to fix it let me know , i ll be really gratefull
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