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  1. I have the same problem with the gateserver some solution? @Daisuke
  2. The error has been corrected, I mention it because the other solutions are complete and yours is incomplete. Solution for future readers: Apply the settings proposed by @yagura2k and @Fritt, and take care to check if the variable "#define CMD_CM_GAME_REQUEST_PIN CMD_CM_BASE + 101" is found in the document NetCommand.h on line 159. On the other hand, thank you for sharing a bit of your work and allowing new developers to work on this project.
  3. when compiling these errors arise: Game error LNK2019: unresolved external symbol "void __cdecl CS_SendGameRequest(char const * const)" ([email protected]@[email protected]) referenced in function "protected: void __thiscall GUI::CDoublePwdMgr::SendGameRequest(void)" ([email protected]@[email protected]@IAEXXZ) Game fatal error LNK1120: 1 unresolved externals
  4. Hola comunidad, soy algo nuevo en la edición y desarrollo del código fuente de game.exe. He estado revisando y compilando el juego durante varios días, pero tengo problemas para agregar nuevas funciones. un ejemplo de ello Aparentemente, los cambios realizados en los archivos UIMinimapForm.cpp y UIMinimapForm.h no son compatibles con UIMinimapForm.obj, he intentado editar el archivo UIMinimapForm.obj pero no puedo abrirlo con ninguno de mis programas 3D Si tiene conocimiento o hay una guía, donde puedo ver este tipo de arreglo, se lo agradecería.
  5. Thank you. One last question with this option where is it stored or how can I edit the points and credits of a player?
  6. I have an Igs.lua in my plugin folder, but loading when opening the game and clicking on the item mall cart gives me an "Incorrect 2nd password" error. Could you tell me how can I open this file and activate the item mall in the game? @mkhzaleh
  7. @Satan Can you be clearer with this error, what kind of modification do you need to make?
  8. What type of db is compatible with these files @Backpack
  9. @mkhzaleh Hi the link does not work. Could you upload the files again?
  10. He wanted to know how from my GM account I can assign an item to a player. he checked the database and only managed to get the bank ID or the temporary inventory. If there is a code, or program, that allows me to assign items to a player, it will be helpful. thank you
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