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  1. hello PKODEV users I will leave here 16 original mounts for the community (animation, models and textures) for those who need it ... note I have them but I do not know how to make them display even icons too https://mega.nz/folder/8VM31Qja#HfPpCK73lCge3LkRFaoxJA 12h for auto delete url
  2. Hello ( Deguix-Decompiler ) and try Numer = [2] Like this: decompile_folder_bin('D:/Tales Of Pirates Full Coleccion/TOP Full Colecion/Files/Corsair Online/script (default client)/table',2) first use number one and check the tables that are well compiled save those that are good and use number two and so on.
  3. ohhh god.. hello all! someone could share the Came.BD My head hurts, I've been trying for days and the dbo.guild table gives me a problem (sql2014) thanks for read me
  4. ready (5 days after the question) only for 2.4 clients (prevuname.clu) is the key. --[[On the fourth day I realized that it would only work correctly with the modification of the game.exe (prevuname.clu) but I tried xD]]--
  5. Thanks @V3ct0r i know is hard but i will try to do work itempre titles, i need fix (Transfer failed) only, i am working for test all posible problem (need add en_US.res to compiler and game/system folder too for test some)
  6. You have any server on ? Or you only still working ?
  7. Nice i think game.exe is the solution but i will try stringset.txt sure is too harder (823) songs good thanks danny (other way maybe is en_US.res i see the titles only in compiler/system folder same itempre.txt 11 at 20 IDs, idk way only in compiler)
  8. Any idea ? I use files 1.38 by Danny Vang i try add Nick tag from pko2.4(2.7) there work fine
  9. Soo thanks (my 2do post xD)
  10. i have some days looking for too... when i got send you
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