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  1. We're here for Reborn! Join us and enjoy a new era of Tales of Pirates! Innovation is our difference! Website Discord
  2. Day by day we're getting closer to release! Join our discord and stay updated! Rebirth of Pirates, Innovation is our difference! Website Discord
  3. BETA is OPEN! BETA Players will receive a Starter Pack and an and an e Apparel! Website Discord
  4. Arroy Pirates, Rebirth of Pirates appeared from the ashes! Here, players are always on the first place and our motto is, Innovation is our difference! Discord Facebook Website Official Release - May 30, 2020 Server Rates: EXP: 15x EXP Fairy: 20x Drop Rate: 20x Player Level: 75 Fairy Level: 43 Player Level will be increased instead of server is growing! New Class: It's a class Tank/Support, having exclusive magic skills and weapons to use! Vanilla method to Level Up! World Bosses around all main maps! World PvP New Crafting System Guild Quest System Mazes: Forsaken City Dungeon What does it mean? Now each party will enter in different maps to fight for their treasures! Dark Swamp Demonic World Chaos Argent Abaddon (Future Update) Winter Island (Future Update) New Dungeon (Future Update) Gems: Normal Gems, Broken Gems, Cracked Gems, Chipped Gems, Unique Gems and Black Dragon Gems! For any questions PM @Link, @Doper in Discord !
  5. Hello, i'm looking where can i find which items are stored in each player's bank, i noticed that each player have your bank id in database, but didn't find where items that are in bank are stored! Someone can help me?
  6. guys how can i add items to this item mall ?
  7. Everytime i switch characters my client crashes, i'm using Luckys Client, like he provided on his folder https://mega.nz/#F!llsFUZwC!QBocgSyXn_5Tgaz2RModBA!d4dQxJLB
  8. i have this doubt too, my server is running local, when i try to do it with NO-IP it doesnt work, with hamachi is fine, but who use hamachi in our days ? haha help pls
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