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  1. could someone kindly explain to me how can i use this to decompile the bin files
  2. dominic363

    Game.exe Info

    i tried the latest version its not working as well @V3ct0r
  3. hi, i am having a trouble with decompiling some bin folder from the scripts folder ( client side) . first i have tried the normal decompiler v2.3 but i can not decmpoile the bine files. i ran into Deguix decompiler but unfortunately i dont know how to use it. kindly looking for help regarding decompiling the bin files. heres one of the bin files i am trying to decompile. also kindly guide me on which the decompiler version i should choose and thanks in advance characterinfo.bin
  4. Dears, Kindly looking for help to add items into skill bar. For example adding a fusion scroll into the skill bar. I have tried looking into iteminfo.bin but i couldnt figure out which numbers to edit. i appreciate any kind of help and thanks in advance.
  5. i am aware. that happens if i got the gems and the items in my iventory i will get invalid id error . deleting them from iteminfo.bin wont be removed from the game but it will be removed from my client so i wont loot them
  6. to remove the useless drops from the mobs in tundra like the cracked gems
  7. thank you very much for your reply, i remember there was python to decrypt the file in old serverdev. but i couldnt find it anywhere on the megaz resources of the forums
  8. whenever i am trying to decompile a bin file it gives me this message. the bin file that i am trying to decompile is in the attachment https://mega.nz/#!AMg2lCzJ!6XynACz51N7FAawv5mM2YNi84Pzu5_0CK8ZIJWpJ1II
  9. problem solved . thank you very much
  10. whenever i try to compiler any txt into a bin i get this error
  11. i know all these things . thats not the issue . the post says i am having an issue while lunching the map editor bat because somehow my game.exe is preventing me from lunching the game from the following editor bat file that i haved created. i have solved the problem now.
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