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  1. that would have to be a whole another script to configure VIP cards to disappear after 1 day so the bonus will be gone
  2. And if you want it to delete the VIP Card each time you would change it to if Has_VIP_Card > 0 then VIP_Card_text = " VIP Card bonus applied!" money = money * 2 DelBagItem(role,VIP_Card_ID,1) end
  3. If the condition is just having the VIP card in the player bag then it would look like this. -- Player killed monster event GetExp_PKM__Original = GetExp_PKM GetExp_PKM = function(monster, role) -- Call original function GetExp_PKM() GetExp_PKM__Original(monster, role) -- Get killed monster level local level = Lv(monster) -- Gold amount local money = 0 -- Check the monster level if (level < 21) then money = 1000 -- 1,000 g elseif (level < 41) then money = 2000 -- 2,000 g end -- Add gold if (money > 0) then -- Has VIP Card local VIP_Card_ID = 0001 local Has_VIP_Card = CheckBagItem(role,VIP_Card_ID) local VIP_Card_text = "" if Has_VIP_Card > 0 then VIP_Card_text = " VIP Card bonus applied!" money = money * 2 end -- Give gold role = TurnToCha(role) local tmp = GetChaAttr(role, ATTR_GD) SetChaAttr(role, ATTR_GD, tmp + money) -- Show a message SystemNotice( role, string.format( "You killed (%s) and got (%d) gold!"..VIP_Card_text, GetChaDefaultName(monster), money ) ) end end
  4. Maybe try to change the skill type in skillinfo to a neutral skill so it would call the skill function despite having no enemies in the selected area
  5. require someone who can make a large scale custom map. the request will be simple with enough details to start with. payment will be thru paypal starting from 100$ and above depending on how good the end results will be, i will be pretty generous. add me on discord : Saeed#4352
  6. does anyone here make maps or have large scaled custom maps that are for sale? Discord Saeed#4352
  7. I did with what's posted in here, what's missing is some knowledge on your side. I confirm.
  8. Foolish crap is comin' outta your mouth @Riddler01, it's expected of @V3ct0r to run some kind of business to help this forum survive. He doesn't have any obligation to spend valuable time to spoon feed you., there are lots of free content available to use already. And in regards of the sources, if you can't get them up running then no way you will get comfy with them...
  9. Keep in mind im doing this for fun, not really looking for money out of the server or anything..
  10. Hello everyone, im looking for someone to join me up to make a good medium server which will be mmolike top server which will include dungeons and bigass raids and will focus on making mazes more important making players actually require fc/ds items to craft end-game equipments plus we will include RNG equipments upgrade to keep players occupied and change the variety of items ingame other than like all gemmed equipments being the same. plus ill need a person who has free time and able to manage thr server while im gone payment will be considered by the mall system and whoever is in the team will get a cut as i dont really need money that much.. if you are interested you may PM me here and tell me what u are able to do.
  11. I could lend a hand.. if u dunno me, look up my name in the dev forums lmao
  12. Saeed

    Saeed's work

  13. I will be releasing the anti dupe for public
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