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  1. Hello, I hope u guys having a good days. I have a quick questions.. Is there anyone know how to fix this? I need to press CTRL to hit another player. I checked inside garner2 ctrl.conf I don't think there's configurations is the problem. Is there any another settings I need to do it? I need help asap. thanks for reading. have a gooday. here my settings for garner2 function config(map) MapCanSavePos(map, 0) -- 1 = Allow players to save respaw // 0 = Do not allow players to save respaw MapCanPK(map, 1) -- 1 = Turns on PK Mouse Sword Icon // 0 = Turns off PK Mouse Sword Icon ( Need to press CTRL key ) MapCanTeam( map, 0 ) -- 1 = Allow players to create party // 0 = Do not allow players to create party MapType( map , 3 ) -- 0 = PvP Off // 1 = PvP Off // 2 = PvP On ( Not allowed to kill Guild and Party Mates ) // 3 = PvP On ( Allowed to kill any player but not Party Mates ) // 4 = PvP On ( Not allowed to kill Guild and Party Mates ) MapCopyNum(map, 1) -- 1 Copy of the map will be generated by GameServer SingleMapCopyPlyNum(map, 300) -- 300 Players are allowed to enter the map MapCanStall(map , 0) -- 1 = Allow players to set stall // 0 = Do not allow players to set stall end
  2. Looking for VPS cheap and can help me to setup the SQL too. willing to pay . thanks.
  3. Ahhhh I see. I can't impossible to get Lucky's updated hook. thanks for the info boss.
  4. I get it from https://mega.nz/#F!OUMUgTYb!jtCsqh7halK_O9uzWyaG0g!bNEwAYjL currently using Pirate King Online II 2.4(2.7) EN Base Files. what do you mean by studio?
  5. I followed the insturctions on the txt. It's working but having an error of this. I can't even teleport using this portal to go inside map. secondly, the system of killing player gets points and the flag are working perfectly. I need to use command to go inside the map. Tried to move a few things still not working. Changed the level requirement also no good. Really need help thanks.
  6. I tried to use TOP II black skins on PKO II cilent and i ended up get error. cannot start the cilent. Need help. thanks.
  7. Thanks for the help. Will try this asap.
  8. Is it possible makes an NPC where you can instant learn all skills based on your class? Need help thanks.
  9. Firewall off checked. The problem is, I can access to the game without any problems but when i tried to access web it gave me error. Did I miss edit anything in web? I just need to edit in inc.config only isn't?
  10. Greetings. I already edited the inc.config.php and it still give a same error. Is there any solution for this? I already off my firewall too.
  11. fixed. After googling a lot, I just need to make new security login and tick them the db_owner *Microsoft SQL Server 2014*
  12. I need help. Everything is fine. except GameServer. Anyone know how to fix this?
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