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  1. Jap

    tales of pirates memes.

    60 memes, lets go :)
  2. Jap

    tales of pirates memes.

    26 memes, reviving this thread so yall can enjoy and laugh a bit.
  3. Jap

    tales of pirates memes.

    this thread looks empty... @Spidpex fill it nila
  4. Jap

    Zankza Died irl.

    Nigga was the best person to want to revive top, that's what he did with foxlv. Later moved on to pko, great guy, we hated ea other but also i worked with him in the early days of foxlv, too sad that he passed away, now the top community will be more tragical. Hope to meet this niga one day and drink a beer with him. gona miss you deaf cunt
  5. Hey baby boi <3

    1. Jap
    2. Spidpex


      Chillin! scoping trough the threads!

  6. Jap


    Sup nigas, i know most bot owners, don't want to give out how they bot/ where they got the bots from etc. But ill still ask, does anyone know a website or people, that you can hire to write a bot script for top. I'm talking about complicated scripts that do a lot of things, not pixel bots or wpe shit. If u do know, share
  7. added 1 more Tip. Please read ty.
  8. Jap

    bai bai

    i will, stronger and better.
  9. Hi guys, a idea came to my mind. What if there would be a proffesionally made video about tales of pirates the game timeline. Like the video would say when the game opened where and how it opened how many ppl played, and just tell the story what happened with the game during the years, the private servers what kind of dupes and how they affected the game. And how the TOP close and private servers took over. Just so that this video would last a decade and ppl could look into this video and remember the good old game we all knew. Just a very proffesional video with a good narator, watcha guys think. I'm just wondering how many of yall would donate a few pesos to this idea, so we could hire a narrator and a very proffesional video creator. Not that i NEED the money now, its just a idea, and im wondering how many ppl would actually support it. ideas? im thinking the video design maybe smth like this:
  10. Jap


    Never understood what is this Camp thing, is it used for sacred war or smth?
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