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  1. StallServer 3.7.2 error after approximately 26 hours online. Initially new connections to the game are denied, the site stops working until it reaches the point where the StallServer crashes. @V3ct0r I know you're busy, but please don't abandon your customers. We pay for your product and service that I can no longer use. In the past this problem happened after about 100 hours online. It is now happening in 26 hours and this makes using StallServer infeasible. I tried to contact you through Discord, but with no success. I need help with this problem. Thank you. Windows messenger log: - Warning - A request to allocate an ephemeral port number from the global TCP port space has failed due to all such ports being in use. Windows debug:
  2. Hi @Graf Thanks! About the problem, any suggestion?
  3. @V3ct0r Stall server 3.7.2 is crashing after approximately 1.5 days online. Any updates that fix this issue? Please contact me, I am interested in another service. Thanks
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