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  1. I have an uncompiled stringset. @dimitrov you can use this. Stringset.txt
  2. Jones

    Free Slots

    Just a note that if you have empty spaces in your iteminfo it won't work
  3. @DnA local mnatksa = math.floor ( (MnatkSa (role) - rb_bonus ) * ATTR_RADIX ) -- Min Attack (percentage) local mxatksa = math.floor ( (MxatkSa (role) - rb_bonus ) * ATTR_RADIX ) -- Max Attack (percentage) local defsa = math.floor ( (DefSa (role) - rb_bonus ) * ATTR_RADIX ) -- Defense (percentage) local ResistSa = math.floor ( (ResistSa(role) - rb_bonus ) * ATTR_RADIX ) -- Physical Resist (percentage) local rb_bonus = (-1) * ( 0.055 * statelv ) -- Currently, each level of rebirth adds 5.5% of the stats. to change, u can change the value 0.055 to something else. For example, 10% per level will be 0.1
  4. skilleffect.lua function Skill_Rbmp_Use( role , sklv ) edit the skill to what you want.
  5. oohh, i thought it was just your character, my bad. @NMS3RR
  6. nice! what an advancement for the development community
  7. congratulations and cheers to @Sultan!
  8. can you give us a list of the known bugs? maybe some of us will be able to fix it for you
  9. @TheSamurai means you haven't defined what ATTR_EXTEND6 is most likely, so when u try to call ATTR_EXTEND6 from the character, it's calling nothing.
  10. is that mickey mouse holy shit LOL technically you can assign these models to any of your unique-made characters and it will have a function.. could you post the list of these weird monsters for us? xDDD
  11. I would assume the latest sql is the best
  12. it looks like the client failed to load object files when resizing. does it happen only on your computer, or on your player's computers also? @Satan
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