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  1. I really suggest greater knowledge with mssql before even thinking of hosting a server. No offense intended ~
  2. I'm attempting to gather some intel regarding the current situation. https://s.surveyplanet.com/0AUfjDjsd FAQ: Q What's that? A A 2 minutes long survey. Q What's the point? A Understanding what people like on specific subjects.
  3. Do you know of someone selling updated & safe 1.3x files with top2 extra accessories? (Updated and safe, of course, up until what's known today)
  4. The source's terrible to work with, in particular, if you never did before. Plus C++ ain't my thing. I'm a designer, content creator. I'm creative. I'm here looking for someone that can do the sources while I'm working with most of the Lua & gameplay recreation. The main thing I require is the removal of carsise and ami from cha create because their cause of disastrous events with the Action Battle System and do not fit well with other systems in my design. So yeah, just a human female and a human male. Realistic.
  5. I believe the oirignal graphic's the only good thing of TOP, charming, cute, etc. When you increase the pixel density of something this cartoonish the reuslt is... weird.
  6. Hello, I've been in the scenes of top dev ever since the first buggy files came around ages ago, and ever since my dream was to provide the community with what I had believed should've been Tales of Pirates in its non "pay to win" form. A true mmorpg game with targetless combat. In the early months before covid19, an idea that required confirmation. Action-ish battle system. I used 2.4 files a kind friend provided and started to test how "achievable" this system was with what I had at my disposal, turns out that, with some insane patience and extreme knowledge of the game files and design skills it is possible to pull quite the results. Here's a test showing the most basic weapons. https://youtu.be/G2nHQyih8zA (note, the video's content were the early test phases, now it's much more refined. I didn't feel like sharing the latest version.) I don't want to delve too much into the specifics here I don't need much help at scripting really, the only thing I'm really In need of is clean 2.4 files devoid of exploitable shits I wouldn't deny a viable partnership if worth it, contact me in private in case you're interested My motto is, give excellence, demand nothing less in return.
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