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  1. UPDATE : I fixed that problem by changing the GroupServer.cfg (I don't know how that helped....) Now in another problem, when logging in , when I'm making the security code it gives me "The Server Is Busy"..... How many errors a guy has to go thru while making a simple server e.e
  2. The SQL 2014 is attaching the files, but I cant run or execute them, it is bugged for some reason... Anw, I tried going back to SQL 2000, but now only facing one issue, when I try to login to my server, it gives me "Discovered exceptional line error on GateServer" Any idea how to fix this? This is what my GateServer.cfg looks like : //GateServer Configuration [Main] Name = GroupServerAndor1 // 本GateServer登录到GroupServer上的唯一名字 Version = 136 // 本GateServer验证客户端的版本号,如1.01版==101 [GroupServer] IP = // IP Address Of GroupServer Port = 1976 // 连接的GroupServer侦听GateServer连接的侦听TCP端口 EnablePing = 1800 // GateServer到GroupServer的Socket连接的KeepAlive值 [ToClient] IP = // GateServer淈?蚔?谛誧伤蟀诿腔淈?IP华硊 Port = 1973 // GateServer侦听游戏客户端连接的侦听TCP端口 CommEncrypt = 0 // 到客户端的Socket连接是否打开加密通信 EnablePing = 60 // GateServer到游戏客户端的Socket连接的KeepAlive值 MaxConection =1000 // The largest initial connection [ToGameServer] IP = // IP Address Of GameServer Port = 1971 // GateServer侦听GameServer连接的侦听TCP端口 EnablePing = 180 // GateServer到GameServer的Socket连接的KeepAlive值 [ShowRange] ShowMin = 500 // 小于等于ShowMin时显示正常 ShowMax = 800 // 大于ShowMin并且小于等于ShowMax显示繁忙,大于ShowMax显示满 IsUse= 1 // 是否启用负荷状态显示功能,1使用,0不使用
  3. Update : So I installed SQL 2014, I could attach the AccountServer and GameDB to the databases, but it is not doing anything, not running or working. I would really appreciate if there was some kind of a guide for SQL 2014 server making
  4. Hello everyone, I have searched the internet and found 0 help/guides on how is it possible to make a Hamachi private server for me and my friends using Windows 10 !! At first I tried using SQL 2000, but its setup was not supported by Windows 10 (Yes I tried changing the compatibility to Windows XP SP2, but setup got stuck) Then I tried using SQL 2012 , it did not support the databases !! I don't know what I should do, can anyone help or make a guide about it? Thanks in advance. Edit : I am using the 1.36 original files, because we are trying to play the original game without any changes.
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