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  1. xSeth

    Item dupe

    i don't have that txt file anymore, i will try find it somewhere else, meanwhile u guys can ask other people's that got it from here, maybe they have it saved somewhere.
  2. xSeth


    Kkkkkkkkkkkkkkkkkkkkk Nice convo
  3. xSeth

    Avacado Files

    Hi, some1 here can help me with avacado files ? If any1 still got em, please post link here and Ty, i rlly want some PK server nowdays
  4. why servdev closed ? Ez. Zanky can't handle lots of servers that are apper ther , every time new srv open so zanky srv FoxLvl would die so better he closed whole SerDev and start promote FoxLvl then close FoxLlv after all mall ther then open PKO and start bann ppls for nothing and play with alts chars - Klab + Wife
  5. xSeth

    Item dupe

  6. searching for porns and i found this awesome forum
  7. #Off topic enough , i got it ur another retarted hater wich make 99 alts accounts and spamm here , now focus on Ava or gtfo from here slave unskilled and dumb as fuk i just don't have time to flamme a shet like u wich have 2 Posts since from February , pro alt retard and hater Any news Ava ?
  8. lmao man again my english ? rlly can't face me with some real words , so u start " i cant understand my eyes blabla cry " pussy. go check pko and see Stall Off system, were ther is around 900 alts as stalls/afk in shaiten/icy. Pko got record 1k on only by 900+ alts/stalls. In pk u can see 10-20 ppls, and those use another alts for seal/stun/etc Abut ava i am talking abut normal ava not abut ur daddy zanka one lmao I won't start and kick ur ass here so shut the fk up better and focus ur fail life on pko for afk all day.
  9. instead playing that shet pko owned by Zanka ( every1 know this trash name ) wich used FoxLvl then CLOSED after all Mall and so many shets like Scams,etc. So who's play pko mean they play a srv owned by a SCAMMER so don't except to get anny info from him abut ur acc lost,scamm,or smthing. Just look how he bann all players for NOTHING, zalukia got bann cz flamme in world, rlly flamme ? that mean 99% of server must be banned , but well that's not my problem and i just check myself how nobs get bann from that trash GM. So instead play that pko i better play a server with 5 players on. Zanka just use all nobs for mall so later he will close pko just like Fox Don't start now with IGG did the same thing, bcoz IGG was from 2007 since 2015 + with nice GM'S and Help Now have fun in pko and one day u will go Abbadon maybe ? hahaha
  10. UP! looking for some pk those days ... any1 can open ava for fun ?
  11. xSeth

    Item dupe

    link re-uploaded since many pm me abut methods : https://ufile.io/78d64
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