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  1. To be able to switch back to the normal inventory system, you will have to do edits on both sources(server/client/forms), doing this is pretty tough, but with some practice you will be able to do it. You just need a bit of experience in searching for X thing in the sources, having this knowledge will be very helpful for you.
  2. No worries, looking forward to see more developers
  3. Try to find out what's wrong, that's how you learn
  4. Why not use sql 2014 or the newer versions? It's easier and much better, also taking a look at your website, it seems that's a public one, if you plan to go serious on opening a server i'd recommend changing that website.
  5. Hey @Flareux ! You can either modify the game shaders in the client source or if you want a whole new experience for graphics, OpenGL.
  6. NetCommand.h @@ ++ Line 529 #define CMD_MC_REQUESTPIN CMD_MC_BASE + 113 NetIf.cpp @@ ++ Line 143 case CMD_MC_REQUESTPIN: { CCursor::I()->SetCursor( CCursor::stNormal ); g_stUIDoublePwd.SetType(CDoublePwdMgr::MC_REQUEST); g_stUIDoublePwd.ShowDoublePwdForm(); return true; } Serverfiles/lua/misscript/npc.lua r_talk13 = nil function r_talk13 () Talk( 1, "Monica: Hi, I am Banker Monica. Accounts can never go wrong with me around." ) InitTrigger() TriggerCondition( 1, HasMoney, 200 ) TriggerAction( 1, TakeMoney, 200 ) TriggerAction( 1, OpenBank ) TriggerFailure( 1, JumpPage, 2 ) Text( 1, "Vault (PIN)", RequestClientPin, enumPinForBank) Talk( 2, "Sorry, you do not have sufficient gold to pay for vault usage" ) AddNpcMission(1050) AddNpcMission(1212) AddNpcMission(6091) AddNpcMission(6092) end UIDoublePwdForm.cpp void CDoublePwdMgr::_evtDoublePwdFromMouseEvent(CCompent *pSender, int nMsgType, int x, int y, DWORD dwKey) case MC_REQUEST: g_stUIDoublePwd.SendGameRequest(); break;// end } ----------------------------- @@ ++ line 284 void CDoublePwdMgr::SendGameRequest() { char szMD5[33] = {0}; md5string(g_stUIDoublePwd.edtDoublePwd->GetCaption(), szMD5); CS_SendGameRequest( szMD5 ); g_stUIDoublePwd.CloseAllForm(); } UIDoublePwdForm.h @@ ++ line 52 static const int MC_REQUEST = -1; @@ ++ line 80 void SendGameRequest();
  7. resource/script/birth/birth_conf.lua
  8. Sunset lights for character selection scene
  9. RGB Stoneinfo How it works: You search for a color picker in browser, you set what color you want then you take the hex code of the color, the next step is putting the code in stoneinfo.txt for the gem you want.
  10. Client source modification UIHeadSay.cpp //void CHeadSay::Render function// Find: Line 481:: else if (_pOwn->IsPlayer()) { sprintf(szBuf, "%s", _pOwn->getName()); strncpy( s_sNamePart[NAME_INDEX], szBuf, NAME_LENGTH ); } Replace with: else if (_pOwn->IsPlayer()) { sprintf(szBuf, "Lv%d %s", _pOwn->getGameAttr()->get(ATTR_LV), _pOwn->getName()); strncpy( s_sNamePart[NAME_INDEX], szBuf, NAME_LENGTH ); } And build solution!
  11. Player Level plugin next to player name ****No longer for sale**** Was shared by me for publicity in releases/client section!
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