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  1. Check the WPE key in NetIF.cpp, and check if it's the same as the one in GateServer.cfg, if it's not, match them and you shouldn't get version mismatch anymore. E.g: GateServer.cfg = WpeVersion = 0x8D1C NetIF.cpp / void NetIF::SendPacketMessage(LPWPACKET pk) = pk.WriteShort(0x8D1C);
  2. ruubi

    GitHub Repository

    Seems like the game client link has expired yeah, if any of you got clean corsairs client and got a link for it let me know and I'll update the Readme.md
  3. Hello! I've created a repository for Corsairs Online Client Source, for people who still want to contribute they're free to do so ! https://github.com/ruuuubi/corsairs-client If you're having trouble how git works, here's a guide/tour that might help you on getting started:
  4. You decompile .res files using derb, here's a link for it: https://mega.nz/file/IngC0ArS#0EQwmJd5A0DRkxGcKG29sjmAq67qvK0KzOTObewvWAU
  5. Should've asked for an advanced payment(a part of the full value) to prevent the buyer from wasting seller's time.
  6. Just check things related to EffectObj, it's already there, you just have to fix it because the "shining" effect is not being displayed
  7. As the title says, we are looking for a professional map maker/editor. If you feel you capable of doing this job, direct message me in discord: laroi#1337
  8. Most probably yeah, bugs are everywhere, you just have to find them
  9. You can re-create the serverfiles tho, it's so easy because it was simple things and not complex, I might have a copy I've done, I'll send here if so.
  10. Graphic designer found. No more looking for any developers, will update the topic once we need someone else.
  11. Still need: -Graphic designer(knowledge in doing logos/banners/UI stuff etc.) if you interested message me in discord: kidlaroi#0001
  12. There’s no need in knowing the level right now, and also I said “long term PK server”
  13. Update: LUA roles occupied by @Angelix, Lua. Web developer role occupied by @Perseus Still in need of: -Graphic Designer -C/C++ dev(knowledge of working with the game source)
  14. Hello there! I am searching for 3-5 developers that have the knowledge of the following things: -LUA (Angelix, another one will be gladly welcomed) -C/C++(I am working with the server/client sources, however another c/c++ developer would be useful) -Graphic designer(knowledge of making custom apparels/maps/logos/etc..) Things will be very organized, everyone will have their own tasks. I am building a team in order to create a PK long-term server, if you are interested you can contact me through discord: yagura2k#2968
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