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  1. Hi, any solution for blue screen? nvm fixed.
  2. 4 years later hahhaha good job.
  3. hi im looking for someone who know to make a clan mascot logo for others games pm me this job is paid
  4. Lucky

    Server Files

    if you know how to code (c++)it is better to work with source files
  5. Lucky

    PKO Base Files

    its working but for skilleff effects no work after 249
  6. Lucky

    PKO Base Files

    Addons, Extensions & Tools: [Tool] Python Decompiler(any version of top/pko) : https://mega.nz/#!mJpzAbDT!oqzE-nH1g9ojlKgxNdGsYZSfsZTuyzH-XCxhLanh2jA [Tool] PKO II 2.4 Compiler: https://mega.nz/#!GRRhEQxR!ko2a9ppTG0CSt4585wIiqzn4GAz6e9cv47Ii32WB8eQ [Library] PKO II Libs: https://mega.nz/#!WNp2AaLA!Y6kUomp2XyM8YMFHahi9laML4bg_gbOsVpdIS_oGxmk
  7. Lucky

    PKO Base Files

    Database, Clients & Patches: Database for 1.36 & 2.4: https://mega.nz/#!7BxyhKgD!rWq7prK7GC_Eesz9CWHNjvcq5_S0bE5um2lr9h9Rmyc PKO 1.36 Client: https://mega.nz/#!LB5CXLpD!qR0X4ZH0gfs_Fu-iSuRKMUDKfxmEqtoyMIOIrOCIN7w PKO 2.4 Client: https://mega.nz/#!aMBBSQ4J!RaCcghDeHW3GMIQxEe3VboXdzgQUy9PZKGKfAljhj0A PKO 2.4 Patch: https://mega.nz/#!SMQ1ASoJ!giSV-0gH0seYN3Dnyxy4FN9wAO9Mv6RgCo6mlZy_KCA
  8. Lucky

    PKO Base Files

    Pirate King Online II 2.4(2.7) EN Base Files: https://mega.nz/#!Xc4TXTSS!MSnIh3iblixXGKKhkmlsNNovTqGGsQM2NE6Uk0GXdtQ Max Level - 130 Max Pet Level - 42-43 (60 with Improved Fruits) Exp Rate - 1x Team Exp Rate - 1x Drop Rate - 1x Pet Growth Rate - 1x Ship Exp Rate - 1x Expansions-->> Whispering Shadows (2.0): -Rear Fairy --Working -PVP Arena -Pirates' Augury --Working -Treasure Digging --Working -Double Exp and Drop Rate --Working Dream Island (2.1) -New Equipment System (Bracelet etc...) --Working -New Quest (For Bracelet etc...) --Working (Not Tested All) -New Area (Dream City) --Working Astral Isle (2.2) -New Area (Astral Isle) --Working -Card Activator Skill (Vibe Slash etc...) --Working The Dragon's Awakening (2.5) -Black Dragon Lair 4 --Working -Constellation Apparel --Working -Production System --Working -Sea Commerce --Working The Black Dragon Evolution (2.6) -New Black Dragon (Texture) --Working (New Drop --Demonic Dragon Fang Chest) -Demonic Dragon Weapons --Working (Altar 98%,NPC 100% and Upgrade 0%) Other Features: -Auto Trace NPC,Monster,Quest --Working -Workshop --Working -Prison System --Working -Phyllis Crusader --Working -ViewEquipment --Working -Trade,Drop,Delete Tooltip --Working -Lottery System (Keno Ball) -Slot Machine Quest: -Introduction Quest --Working -Story Quest --Working -Main Mission --Working (Some mission is not clear) -1st Rebirth Quest --Working -Walkthrough 2nd Rebirth Quest --Working -2nd Rebirth Quest -Sea Commerce Quest --Working -Hexathlon Quest -Winter Story Quest Optional Features:(These are not working but they can be added separately) -Demonic Dimension Map -Nightmare Argent Map -Demonic Dimension 125 Skills -Cloak System -Swing System Bugs Report-->> Changelogs: September 2015 -Gem Number (Gem numbers show as letter example: oneLv Refining Gem) --Fixed -Gem Lv (Gem Lv show as example: 1Lv Refining Gem) --Fixed -Make Gem (Making Gem you can't with GM Cmd example: &make 885,1,109) --Fixed -Pet Feeding (Feeding pet from any slot for gaining more stats) --Fixed -Ticket to Black Dragon Lair 4 (When you use ticket its teleport you inside Lair 4 and sometimes outside and teleport point) --Fixed Changelogs: October 2015 -2x functions on rebirth skill book --Fixed Logs-->> Changelogs: September 2015 -Edited Fiary Body Script -Edited Exp_and_Lv.lua For Angela Jr Exp -Edited All Fruits For Pet Feeding Bug (ItemEffect,Functions) -Added SHIP_EXP on Variable -Iteminfo From Clean PKO2.5 (Mixed with TOP2.5) -CharacterInfo From Clean PKO2.5 Client -Changed itemtype from 49 to 66 and item description (9017Fang of Demonic Dragon) -Edited ItemEffect for Black Dragon Altar (ItemUse_CiChang and ItemUse_hexin)(http://forum.top.igg.com/viewthread.php?tid=172544) -Edited CharacterInfo New Black Dragon Drop (Demonic Dragon Fang Chest)(http://forum.top.igg.com/viewthread.php?tid=172544) -Edited CharacterInfo bosses drops (Demonic Dragon Soul Fragments)(http://forum.top.igg.com/viewthread.php?tid=172544) Missing ItemEffect: (Variable: for Rings and Necklace): -Mordo and Mordo Jr Egg --Added -Lv 90 Ring Ticket --Added -Lv 70 Necklace Voucher --Added -Necklace of the Abyss Voucher --Added -Ancient Necklace Voucher --Added -Amplifier of Strive 3X,3.5X, 4X --Added -Demonic Dragon Fang Chest --Added -Billion Dollar Bill --Added Changelogs: October 2015 -Added Force of the Demon (skilleffect.lua, skilleff.txt), Changed Force of the Devil name into Force for the Demon (Iteminfo Name and Description) -1st and 2nd Rebirth functions adjusted (forge.lua) -Added Rebirth Passive Skill Increases stats by 5.5% (skilleffect.lua) -Increased Item_beuplv_ID to 10k (forge.lua) Missing ItemEffect: -Force of the Demon --Added Changelogs: April 2016 -Added Locke's Power,Great Gems,Rock Gems (Variables) -Combine 2 lv9 Refining Gem (Workshop) = Lv110 Refining Gem --Fixed -Stealth for Crusader Lv115 --Fixed Changelogs: June 2016 -NPC Names are translated
  9. PKO 1.36(2.0) EN Base Files: https://mega.nz/#!DBgBUCgA!TQC3g2QO6LRlqnvUZfyzZa7eKKG3sFXDfdVrSd0pP1w Max Level - 100 Max Pet Level - 42 (52 with Improved Fruits) Exp Rate - 1x Team Exp Rate - 1x Drop Rate - 1x Pet Exp Rate - 1x Ship Exp Rate - 1x Main Features (Official TOP/PKO): Story Quest (Working) 1st Rebirth Quest (Working) Walkthrough 2nd Rebirth Quest (Translated and Working) 2nd Rebirth Quest (Translated and Working) Angela Junior (+3pr, 2.5x Exp and Drop Rates, Add Extra Stats after Poss) (Working) Unseal 75 and 95 Glow (Working) Marriage System (Player and Pet) (Working) Rock Gems (Working) Broken, Cracked, Chipped and Great Gems (Working) Winter Quest 2.0 (Bad Translation But Working) Prison System (Working) Production System (Working) Study System (Working) Bugs Fixed: (From Last Release) Pet Slot Bug (Fixed)(Glitched) Mixed Pet Bug (Fixed) Pets Eat Stamina (After Do Poss When Charater use Teleporter or use Tickets Pets drain/eat Stamina) (Fixed) Fairy Merchant and Blackmarket (Fixed) 3rd Socket Fail (Fixed) Gem Bonus (Example Forge Chipped Rage in Sword show +4 but it gives +6 bonus) (Fixed) Changelogs: (From Last Release) -Disabled Class Promotion Quest 1st and 2nd Promotion (Newbie Guide) -Disabled spring roll,bun,fried,bun etc... on spring npc (Long Er) -Disabled the Secret Fireball Mission (2.0) (Salvier) -Disabled Hexathlon Quest (Pappa and Tourist Wowo) -Added a Functions to Tickets (no Tickets can be used on PrisonIsland) -Added Class Changer Npc in Argent (Job Advancer - Jenna) -Added PKmap to Isle Teleporter -Moved Angela Jr to 500 (ID) -Moved Chaos Argent Portal to Original Place (Icicle) Updates and Changelogs: 26/09/2012 -Abaddon Ticket (Fixed) -Angela Jr Egg (Fixed) -General William (Fixed) -Added Rear Pets (100% Working) (4th Slot) Updates and Changelogs: End of October 2012 -2nd Rebirth Skill for Seal Master (Fixed) -Cleric and Seal Master True Sight Skill (Fixed) -Prison Log Card (Fixed) -PKmap Entry.lua (Fixed) -2x Function of GetEXP on function.lua (Fixed) -Added 3x,3.5x,4x amps (Done) -Added Missing Itemeffect 6771 - 6802 (Done) Updates and Changelogs: End of January 2013 -Undead Azrael forgiable on tatoo now -Shield cant be gemmed -Bd mobs on Choas argent now drops all type of UG's -Added 3rd Rebirth function,npc, bonus rebith mystic power (Skillinfo) and iteminfo (Renewal Stone) -Added Wings of Glory -Added Restriction on Rebirth (You cant jump Rebirth 2 or 3) -Chipped, Cracked and Broken Gems Capped to Lv3 -Great Gem of Soul cant be forged on staff --(Fixed) Updates and Changelogs: End of April 2013 -Skeletar and Naval Base Ticket (Fixed) -Pet Fruits (Now not drop-able) (Done) -New Class Balance -New Upgrade System -New Combining and Forging Scripts Updates and Changelogs: Feb. 2014 -Added F-Skill Updates and Changelogs: July 2014 -TeamExp (while in team players doesnt gain exp) --Fixed -Marriage Pet Agi --Fixed Updates and Changelogs: November 2014 -Ship Exp Rate --Fixed -PvP MvM Bar (Doesn't allow party to enter) --Fixed -Rebirth Playeffect (When you rebirth 1,2,3 appear error on playeffect) --Fixed -Error on Blacksmith Disciple (Item Error on System) --Fixed Changelogs: August 31 2015 -Renewal Stone moved to 5769(iteminfo) -Removed Wings of Glory (iteminfo and sceneffectinfo) -Removed F-Skills (iteminfo, itemeffect, skillinfo, variable and skilleffect) -Removed Rear Pets (iteminfo, skilleff, sceneffectinfo, variable, functions and skilleffect) -Added 1st Task Hexathlon on Tourist Wowo in Shaitan (Disabled) -Sizzling Slots (Slot Machine) --Working -Some minor bugs have been fixed Changelogs: April 4 2016 -Pet Feeding Bug (Fixed) (Glitch Fixed) -All pet fruits dropable again -Removed all functions in map (entry.lua) that you cant enter with fruits (Done) -Fairy Body Scripts (Fixed) -Fixed Hexathlon Quest To Do: -Rebirth functions need to be adjusted Edited GameServer.exe 1.36 EN -Official Limit ID : iteminfo (6000 ID) - skillinfo (500 ID) - skilleff (240 ID) -Edited Limit ID : iteminfo (10000 ID) - skillinfo (1000 ID) - skilleff (500 ID)
  10. dont use this files (use it to testing only)
  11. https://mega.nz/#!WVZjgZxD!FhBqYFoZkxpLT0wBlAormyB-5dwQ-PcZxBGDi5L1dEs Note: Its for 2.4 need to tweak the format to make it work for 1.x Credits: @KONG
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