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  1. Probably you wont read this so many years later, but im making a colecction of clients and i have a question. Is this link good? i only see max three clients here https://ibb.co/1s8BKdD
  2. Hello, i hope that you are doing well my pirate or navy mates, i put on march a 1.38 server, and i encountered this little problem, the textures for the substance analyzation tool and for the substance generator dont appear. I logged on my server from a 1.36 client and all textures loaded correctly. Anyone know how can i fix this? Images related https://ibb.co/48PnXv0 https://ibb.co/t34229C
  3. I read, that because garner was a big map, it should run alone. I've been doing some trial and error configuration and loaded it with max 6 more instances, like demonic world and such, in my case im doing the contrary, how many instances can i load at the same time with only one window of game server
  4. Hello @V3ct0r i hope you are doing well, i run the command but i get the serverset error from number one to four, in the original resource folder there wasn't a serverset error with that name, only one, could this be a problem?
  5. Thanks for the files, im going to try them with a 1.38 client that is in other thread, i want to ask in advance for which version of sql are this files?
  6. First of all, thanks! i dont know is this the correct place to make this question but either way i must do it. I have 1.38 server files and i want to make my private offline server with it, can i use this client? and if its true how can i do that? do i need to reconfigure the client files? In advance thanks for any light that you could throw in my way
  7. Saw your post and had to answer (Im new around here, so i had to make an account too), played only tales of pirates 1 and had a lot of memories from there, but the more special one i used to had a friend, never knew if she was a girl or a boy but we used to sit down in argent city to talk i was a kid then but i usually read a lot and we had many profound an interesting conversations. In my heart i hope thats she/he is well and that life had smiled in his way i still miss him/her to this day
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