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  1. hello i added you on discord we can talk there
  2. Hello i have already all the models converted to fbx i recreated most of the maps in unity but some of them not finished and need the last touches like adding some details meshes here and there some effects some lights painting some terrains if i missed them but ye if you are interested and have some knowledge in unity dm me on discord
  3. Hi @V3ct0r 1. Basically yes i work alone but i hired many professionals to help me but im the only owner 2.actually this is my second top project in unity The first one i hired someone from top community but we had some problems with the project and i decided to abandone it 2 years ago and since then i started rhe second project but as we say we learn from mistakes so second time must be better 3.the models we exported long time ago using 3d max and belnder to adjust rigs and animdata 4.about the server side well i wanted to make it compitable with normal top server side but its not good idea since the real top files has alot of exploits and uknown backdoors so i decided to make my own server side 5. well i cant say im professional developer yet but i already worked alot in unity and i have very good knowledge on it but sometimes i have to hire people to do some work that i get stuck with 6.i will release my work to public ofc i will launch the server 7. about how long it will take well actually i can release a beta aleeady the game systems are finished and tested we already made alot of testing and all works perfect but i didnt finished all the maps cause you know in unity you have to create maps from scratch so it takes some time and ye i have seen your project in unity long time ago u did a great job but wonder why u didnt kept working on it
  4. Hello i have remade the whole top game in unity for mobile and pc i finished all the systems But not the maps im looking for someone who have some knowledge in unity and top to help me remake few more maps from top if you are interested dm me on discord MiniMan#9579 https://youtu.be/Wp7Dfe1zdIM
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