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  1. hi Broth I have an error with the NPC that shows me the information of the bosses. I added 3 new bosses and they give me the following error. Add start.lua and bossinfo.lua. but they don't work for me
  2. hey broth: why the page gives me that error

    error web site.png

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    2. eatsangels


      install the drivers and as you want it keeps giving me an error. PHP 7.4.26

    3. V3ct0r


      @eatsangels, call phpinfo() and check that sqlsrv and sqlite PDO drivers are installed.

    4. eatsangels


      yes installed

  3. A query, because it only works for me on the main map, but on pk maps it doesn't work for the Master Teleport skill
  4. Okay, thank you very much. I have a currency created that is the one with which it is marketed. I will use that method.
  5. But I want to do it with the Mac. Even the server has something similar but it doesn't work for me and I don't understand why.
  6. Alright. But I think not everyone has the same ability as you-
  7. I try to do it with those methods and none of them worked for me.
  8. Do you know how I can limit my players from entering my server by blocking the mac
  9. Ok. Do you have some files that have that script?
  10. How much do you charge me for doing that function for my server?
  11. Could you help me please?. I want to implement this script on some of my maps and I haven't been able to get it to work. Some help please.
  12. Could you tell me then in which part is that I should paste the script. If I want it to be for CA (Garner 2), what should I do?
  13. put the function at the end of all and change the function name from function UPOGCin(Player)--player enter to garner2in(Player)--player enter and the map does not open. Could you tell me in which part is that the function goes. At the end, at the beginning, or should I remove one of the ones on the map.
  14. I tried to paste the script and change the name but it didn't work for me
  15. can someone share how can limit players enter to x map per mac
    like allow 2 character per mac

    i'm using LuaSQL

  16. That folder is not inside my files. If I create the folder and create the .lua, will it work the same?
  17. Could you tell me where you placed this function, to also put it on my server
  18. I need to know if there is any way to limit players to only one account per IP to enter the maps. Thank you
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