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  1. this mods causes client crash while ship upgrading. GAME_13X_2
  2. i have tested, for 136 gs. the gs closes if you put more that 5 maps names in the config mod.
  3. there is bug with the client. after you log and get the reward. double click on pots, chest. etc doesnt work anymore. you need restart client
  4. u need hex gameserver and game.exe. i dont know the address.
  5. the problem is Hp_Endure_Dmg ( role , dmg ) so i changed to if ((hp - dmg) > 1) then Hp_Endure_Dmg ( role , dmg ) end
  6. Im having the same issue on my server. No idea. They dead even with 1.36 clean . Tested already. Maybe is new hardware issues new graphic cards. Or mem ddr5
  7. its easy, just fix, edit the ss magma skill, sea thunder voy skill and voy rb skill. the bug happens because you re able to use those skill before their effects gone. and this breaks the respaw cycle
  8. this started happen to mee too. only on win 11. im using official bin
  9. 1) Variation of resolution - ie. 1600.x900 2) Mounts 3) Numeric skill bar 1- 10 these 3 would be great
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