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  1. Did this error happen to anyone? error PRJ0003 : Error spawning 'cl.exe' My PC uses Windows 10 Pro.
  2. Hello everyone, I wanted to know how I can create a DLL injection to manipulate the functions and variables of the CCharacter structure without causing the Gameserver to hang and close. Thank you in advance to all who can help.
  3. I want to create new asm lua functions using this new space. Many thanks to @Totoka for the help.
  4. Can anyone make a guide on how to increase the code caves to be able to insert new function into assembly? Thank you in advance and apologize for English.
  5. Thank you very much @KONG, I'll see if I can.
  6. How can I make these structures for version 1.36?
  7. @V3ct0r @KONG @Wrexor @Billy @Totoka Could anyone help me with assembly code or C++ dll injection to be able to count the items from a specific slot using Lua? Something like: CheckBagSlotItem(role, itemid, slotid) Thanks to all who can help.
  8. Wanted to know where I can change my client's 1973 port to another port?
  9. Glad you're working well there.
  10. I think you did not get it. My TradeServer is the same as yours. Make the following test, create a new account and then add points by killing the monsters, after entering the In-game Mall you will realize that no point has been added. That is the question.
  11. There are some flaws because I created a similar function, but in the form of a Card and requires checking some errors: If the player never enters In-Game Mall, it will never add the points, so you need to check if there is any record in SQL; If there is an error in SQL, it will be necessary to create logs so that it is resolved by the administrator. Well, I guess that's just it.
  12. I found TradeTools.exe in the source code of Tales Of Pirates. Just follow the path: Files > Server > TradeSystem > TradeTools > Bin. It adds, edits, and deletes items and packages. It sends data to the TradeServer and it updates the Item Mall without having to restart.
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