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  1. Dear Pirates, the BETA opening is very close and to make it all clear, let's go to some important information: 1. When and What time is the grand opening? - The Beta opening is on October 09 at 12 Pm (Server Time - UTC). Pay attention to convert the exact time of your country. 2. Where and When i can register my account and download the game client? - Official website to create account: https://paradiseisle.online/ - Official link to download client: https://paradiseisle.online/downloads/client 3. Whats the main point of this beta version? - Well, this beta is important to test all the features and system of server file to assure that will have the minimum number of bugs for the official opening. Therefore, if you find any bug/error/problem in server file you should contact the GM team. If you do, you're elegible to win some prizes as compensation. 4. There's a prize for play beta? - The best prize is to know the server before the grand opening... But, yes, you're able to win some prizes to play and report bug/error/problem for the GM team. 5. How long is the beta duration? - We've not decided yet the duration. It can extend for 3, 5 or 7 days. 6. The GM team will help the players on BETA? - Yes, we will help providing inputs for players. How? At fount you will be able to find an custom NPC to collect some gold and buy some equipments and items to test the game easily. 7. What i can expect from Paradise Online? - You can expect a serious and security server with a fun and intense game play. The team is working hard to provide an good experience for all TOP lovers. This server bring the medium/hard game play and have a plan to provide cool updates to keep it alive for long and long time. 8. The GM team accept suggestion and are able to uptade the game? - Yes, we are open for suggestion during the beta test and after it too. Update and bugs fixes will always happening during the necessity. We are prepared to solve any problem with the server.
  2. Dear players, we would like to make a very important announcement today... The date for the opening of BETA has been set. Yes that's right! On October 9th (time to be announced) Paradise Online will be opening its doors to all of you. The BETA server aims to gather as many players as possible so that we can, together, test and know the gameplay (server file) of Paradise Online. At the same time, our team will follow every move so that we can resolve any issues and get the server ready for official opening. I can already say that this will be an amazing adventure! And that until the opening of BETA and during its online period we will be holding incredible events here at discord and also at serve. So stay tuned for new news and invite your friends to embark on this journey just like you! ps.: Account registration website will be released soon... Join discord: https://discord.gg/xx3dVAVRsg
  3. SERVER DISCORD - (ENTER NOW) https://discord.gg/VKxddn5q SERVER WEBSITE ...Under Construction... About Paradise Isle GamePlay: Dear Players, Paradise Isle Online is an international server based on medium - hard gameplay. The team works to create an stable and long term server that can bring the nostalgic felling, but at the same time, make available to all players new features and improvements that will make the server even better... The server is under construction, but the BETA TEST is planning to open in some weeks. All detais and informations about the server construction will be posted in DISCORD CHANNEL. So, stay tuned for all the news and INVITE your friends to join in this new "Paradise Isle". Why should you play this server? You should play this server because it will bring the nostalgic gameplay to you! You're able to enjoy an good, stable and security server files. Furthermore, you will find some new features that will make the server even better. Unlike other servers that made sudden changes and couldn't keep the game stable, here we think exactly the opposite. The TOP COMMUNITY knows that the "simple is good", that's why almost players are from original TOP server and old players. The server has an experienced development team that is capable of solving the most diverse server problems. We will be working to resolve any type of issue as quickly as possible. So, i hope you gonna play and enjoy the server! Server Rates: Max Level: 70 Solo EXP: 3x Party EXP: 15x (The same exp you win solo will be gained when you're in party) Ship Exp: 15x Drop Rate: 2x Fairy Exp: 1st Gen (Fairy Box) . Exp 20x . Lv max 41 . Level Up with +1 or +2 stats fruits . Marriage system to create 2nd gen 2nd Gen (Marriage System) . Exp 20x from level 5 to 15 . Exp 10x from level 15 to 41 . Lv Max 41 . From level 5 to 15 you can level up using +1 or +2 stats fruit .From level 15 to 41 you can ONLY use +2 stats fruits . From level 41 to 50 you can ONLY use improved fruits Server Equipments: Initial Chest (Golden box) Incantation Chest (level 40) . Original drop Evanescence Chest (level 50) . Original Drop Enigma Chest (level 60) . Original Drop Chest of Forsaken City (sealed level 35) . Original drop + Orignal method to remove the sealed Chest of Dark Swamp (sealed level 45) . Original drop . Bow available Chest of Demonic World (sealed level 55) . Original drop . Bow available Chest of Enigma (sealed level 65) . Original drop . Bow available Unseal 45 . Original way to remove the seal . Bow available Unseal 55 . Original way to remove the seal . Bow available Unseal 65 . Original way to remove the seal (but, you need only 3 kals instead 5) . Bow available Chaos Crownstone, Chaos Pawstone, Chaos Clawstone, Chaos Framestone . Original Drop . Chaos Crownstone isn't available Athena, Hestia, Poseidon, Apollo, Hermes, Hephaestus Stones (Equipments level 70) . Original Drop . Athena Framestone change PR from 18 to 22 . Apollo Framestone change PR from 20 to 24 Server Gems: Sockets . Max Slots = 3 Refining Gem . Max Level = 4 Normal Gems: Spirit, Shadow, Shining, Glowing, Lustrious, Explosive, Furious, Fiery . Max level = 4 Broken Gems: Rage, Colossus, Soul, Wind, Striking . Max level = 3 Cracked Gems: Rage, Colossus, Soul, Wind, Striking . Max level = 3 Unique Gems: Rage, Colossus, Soul, Wind, Striking . Max level = 2 BD Gems: Eye, Soul, Heart . Max level = 1 Server Mazes: Forsaken City (FC) - Every 3 hours Changes: . FC 01 = increased refining gem drop from 0.2% to 0.3% || . FC 03 BOSS = added the universe purse 1% drop Dark Swamp (DS) - Every 3 hours Changes: . DS 03 BOSS = added the universe purse 1% and refining gem 100% drop Demonic World (DW) - Every 3 hours Changes: . DW1 CHEST = increased kal runestone drop from 3.3% to 3.5% || . DW1 AND DW2 BOSSES = added the universe purse 1% drop CHAOS ARGENT (CA) - 2 times a day โ€“ (08:00 / 20:00) Changes: . Canโ€™t enter in Party || . Penality of 2 minuts if your char relog || . No need honor, reputation and money to enter || . Prize: original - Chest . Increased refining gem drop from all chests from 2,5% to 3% . Expert chest, gem of colossus and gem of rage were removed and universe purse was added 1.5% drop - Moobs . Increased refining gem drop in lv 80 - 82 Phantom mobs from 1% to 1.2% Server UPDATES: Argent Teleporter: . Added options to teleport to: Abandon Mine, Rockery, Andes, Valhalla, Solace, Chaldea, Thundoria Castle. Icicle Teleporter: . Added options to teleport to: Skeleton Haven, Icespire Heaven, Atlantis Heaven, Thundoria Castle. Shaitan Teleporter: . Added options to teleport to: Barren Cavern, Oasis Haven, Thundoria Castle. Coral Vendor โ€“ Lamon . Moved from original place to argent city Grocery โ€“ Jimberry (Argent - 2231,2729) . Added all classes skills WNSS . Original drop and rates OSS . Original drop and rates . Added gem of soul Carrer and Fortune Lot . Added the option to obtain stack Useals Level 35 added as reward for 1st Class Quest . Complete 1st Explore Quest and Win: Mantle of the Naga - Armor Tooth of Specter - Dagger . Complete 1st Herbalist Quest and Win: Robe of the Venom Witch - Armor Staff of the Avenger - Staff . Complete 1st Hunter Quest and Win: Robe of Death - Armor Touch of Death - Gun . Complete 1st Swordsman Quest and Win: Armor of Revenant - Armor Sword of Grief - Sword Lifeskills added too all characters created . - Lv1 Mining - Lv1 Woodcutting - Lv1 Fishing - Lv1 Salvage - Lv1 Set Stall If you want to improve those skills, story quest is the way to obtain more life skill points. Offline Stall System You're able to set up your stall and close your account. The system will keep your stall online and ready to have sales. More custom updates will come according the server development.... FAQ WHEN THE SERVER WILL OPEN? The team is working in this project for 2 months. The server file and host are ready, but the website is under development. Moreover, the server is in advertise phase. So, we need more players joining discord to set a BETA start date. THE SERVER WILL HAVE BETA? Yes, we gonna have BETA when the discord have players waiting for the server opening. Rewards will be given for BETA players, so, keep tunned! THE SERVER IS SECURE? Yes, we have a big team working in this project. Of course we gonna have attacks from members of TOP WORLD, but we are ready to solve all issues. THE SERVER WILL HAVE AN GOOD HOST? Yes, we have one of bests dedicated machine in OVH host. The machine will support a lot of players at the same time to avoid issues with lag. THE SERVER WILL HAVE REPUTATION SYSTEM? Yes, the reputation system help the server economy and the non-mallers players. THE SERVER WILL HAVE MALL SYSTEM? Yes, the mall system is importat to keep the server online and for the server economy too. However, it won't be "pay to win" as many server do. . . . . SERVER DISCORD https://discord.gg/VKxddn5q
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