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  1. Mesut

    help need

    what is the problem here?
  2. thkx for your help i know how to set up pkodev webpage...
  3. Title say can anybody help me whit webpage.
  4. Mesut


    could u tell me what kind of file i need to add on my client to make it work i mean to sit on swing.
  5. i have question about hosting on github it say u can host static webpage are does files static i mean exempel pkodev webpage?? anyone knows?
  6. Mesut


    it,s empty becuse i have allready move the maps from them and add them on 1-2-3
  7. Mesut


    rest the gameserver lua is allready configured.
  8. Mesut


    thkz dan but the thing is even i make new ones server maps does not open.
  9. can u help me too sir i need some help.
  10. Hi!! i have a question about the adding more gameserver config.lua for more maps but when i do i cant connect does maps i have try to open is there any way to add more gameserver config.lua pls help.
  11. hi cp worker i get blank page could u guide me pls.
  12. anyone have this or download from official page realase it here pls.
  13. now i know what the problem is i see that on minimap it,s appaer blue screen, i cant see the map it doesnt not recognize the map i,m in. when im in argent system does not recognize it, how do i change it pls help me.
  14. i have question about changing the music or replace them whit another how do i do that.
  15. Hi i have issue whit my top II client issue it,s only play first opening music how do i change it to normal, when i open the client and play the game opening music is on not the argent music or other city music how do i change it...
  16. Well i cant do that u are the admin here master Vector do it your self..
  17. anyone have clean trade db here there no one on mega share pls somebody i need it.
  18. i wonder if somebody make it eng language so ppl can read it? cool anyway awsome work...
  19. Mesut

    ToP 2 Launcher

    anyone have the top II client stringset.info i need do much pls upload it here.
  20. Mesut

    Simple Archive

    Hi Fox!!! could u pls upload the client also thk u :))
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