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    Indeed, creating an mmo (even if all assets are available) is very time consuming and most people underestimate all of this. I've started with UE too, but decided engines like UE and Unity are not the best choices for a MMO. Edit: We are still working on it. 2 focus on the worlds, while I work on the code. As soon as I finish the character selection, creation & deletion (basic design), I will move on to the world and work on the object spawn, movement and everything else. Then more progress will be posted.
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    Fair play! I've stopped working on mine, cause been invited to work on a top-related project atm. And I agree about the UE/ Unity choice, but as I'm doing it just for myself I don't mind really. That's the latest video I've made on my progress: Have to say that even though in current top models don't look too bad(ish), when switching to another engine they definitely need remodeling...
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    SHAUshaushA if u know how much work it takes do adjust it to top, redo all in photoshop, i redrawn lots of shapes, but i never hid that i ripped from another game
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    We rework all maps by hand. The original map size is too small. Also we wanna do it even better and not just create a copy. Creating a port of maps will take time and can just create unnecessary issues which could be hard to fix.
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    We are still working on it. Now the esenthel engine (which we use to develop this game) is open source, it makes development even better. We are still looking for modellers/graphic artists (paid)
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