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Anti Dupe - GameServer Based

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  1 - Everytime a player enters a map, it saves they CURRENT GAMESERVER in a file resource/script/players/playername.txt

  2 - When player leaves the map it saves the text "out" in the resource/script/players/playername.txt

  3 - When the player teleports to another map the destiny will check if the playername.txt contains "out" or its gameserver name"...

   ... if not ... shows a message ... "GOD IS WATCHING YOU"



equment = System00


equment = System01


equment = System02


equment = System03


equment = System04


Functions.lua code --> place it anywhere

function GetCurrentGameServer()
  local ret, npc = GetEudemon()
  local GSName = GetChaDefaultName(npc)

  return GSName

function GetSavedGameServer (role)
  f = io.open ("resource/script/players/" .. GetChaDefaultName (role) .. ".txt", "r")
  SavedGameServer = f:read ()
  f:close ()

  return SavedGameServer

function SaveGameServer (role)
  local gameserver = GetCurrentGameServer()

  f = io.open ("resource/script/players/" .. GetChaDefaultName (role) .. ".txt", "w")
  f:write (gameserver)
  f:close ()

function CleanGameServer (role)
  f = io.open ("resource/script/players/" .. GetChaDefaultName (role) .. ".txt", "w")
  f:write ("out")


all maps ctrl.lua code


after enter  ( Here is where you can do whatever you want if caught the trying to dupe... ) I just show a message ('God is watching you')

	savedGS = GetSavedGameServer(role)
  currentGS = GetCurrentGameServer()

	if (savedGS ~= "out" and savedGS ~= currentGS) then
    Notice("God is watching you...")



before leaves




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Using character names as an identifier is never a good idea, since you can make a boat with that name and GetChaDefaultName(role) would return the boats name. That means you could make the system think someone else was duping, and have them be punished. You should use GetRoleID(role) instead. 

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i'll also create an MoveCity interceptor, that will store the player destination map, and automatically teleport him when enters the source map again, after a dupe trying

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Nevermind, figured it out,

So I duped myself, and turns out the duped item isn't kept due to a function :D

Catches the person in system so all can see

I did do a finding that the item being duped, will disappear if the person puts it back in the inventory and tele's to a new place.




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int lua_FindChaClone(lua_State *pLS) {
  const char* useract = lua_tostring(pLS, 1);
  unsigned long userid = (unsigned long)lua_tonumber(pLS, 2);
  const char* usermap = lua_tostring(pLS, 3);
  CPlayer *pCPlayer;
  CCharacter *pCha = 0;
  GateServer *pGateServer;
  while (pGateServer = GETNEXTGATE()) {
    if (!BEGINGETPLAYER(pGateServer)) continue;
    int nCount = 0;
    while (pCPlayer = (CPlayer*) GETNEXTPLAYER(pGateServer)) {
      if (nCount > GETPLAYERCOUNT(pGateServer)) break;
      pCha = pCPlayer->GetMainCha();
      if (!pCha) continue;
      const char* cmpact = pCPlayer->GetActName();
      if (std::strcmp(useract, cmpact) == 0) {
        if (userid != pCha->m_ID)
        if (std::strcmp(usermap, pCha->GetSubMap()->GetName()) == 1)
  } return 1;

Perhaps this could help someone. It was an earlier version of antidupe I did. works fine, you just need to know when and how to call it.

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