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Aegis Pirates Online - Official

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Server Information & Features (Aegis Pirates Online) - PVP TYPE SERVER & FARMING

Website: http://aegispirates.online/
Facebook Group: https://www.facebook.com/groups/951659268311277
Facebook Page: https://www.facebook.com/aegispiratesonline
Discord:  https://discord.gg/uUDTxz9
Instagram: In-Progress





- Balanced Server
- PvP-Farming server, not very easy to stay strong, but you can stay strong.
- Guilds support system
- Guild Bank System
- Offline Stall System
- Discussion with the players of all upcoming updates
- Active user support
- Commands System
- New Skill bar system
- New Icon system
- New circle system in mazes
- New Wings, New Apparel, New Glows, New Auras


Instant Lv: (45/55/80)

Maximum Lv Character: 100

Maximum Lv Fairy: 70

Solo-Exp: 3
Party-Exp: 5
Drop-Rate: 8
Fairy-Exp: 500


Server Main City:

- Argent City
- Icicle City
- Shaitan City


Server Mazes:

- Chaos Argent
- Death Circle
- Bounty PK
- Gladiator Arena Lv55
- Demonic World 1/2
- Abbadon 1-4 / 5-8 / 18



- Lv45-95 Equipments / Weapons
- Kylin Items
- New Accessories
- New Equipments


Forging Gems:

- Unique Gems
- Advanced Gems
- Black Dragon Gems
- Great Gems
- Chipped Gems
- Ring & Neck Gems


Rebirth System:

- 1st Rebirth - Quest
- 2nd Rebirth - Quest
- 3rd Rebirth - Quest
- 4th Rebirth - Quest



Voyager - same of original ( Kylin set add stun effect)
Cleric - same of original
Crusader - same of original
Sharpshooter - same of original
Champion - same of original
Seal master - Seal of Elder ( Kylin set add stun effect)


Gems Caped Guide:

1. Unique Gem =  Max Lv5
2. Black Dargon Gem =  Max Lv3
3. Advanced Gem =  Max Lv5
4. Azrael Gem =  Max Lv3
5. Great Gem = Max Lv3
6. Chipped Gem = Max Lv3
7. Ring & Neck Gem = Max Lv3



1. RB Quests - Heaven Isle
2. Daily Quests - Icicle City
3. Money Quests - Argent City

Server Staff Team: [GM]Aegis




**Money Farming***


1. Start Welcome Pack give you 20k Dollar Note
2. Exchange Reputation to Money in Argent City
3. Farming Money in Demonic World / Dark Swamp / Forsaken City
4. Quest Money in Argent City
5. Farming from Chaos Argent Chest and Black Dragon Monster per killing
6. Drop Money from Outland Bosses ( Chest Drop Monster Information )
7. Selling Items to your friends and guild mates ( Use Set Stall or Offline Set Stall )
8. Money Suprise Chest can find outside argent city kill it and get few money




***Guide Rebirth***


1. First of all you have get lv45 then u can continue to make a 5000 reputation points and get goddes favor
2. Buy ticket to carribiean isle and follow to heaven teleporter
3. You are now in heaven there you can see a rebirth 1-2-3-4 !
4. If u want make rebirth u need do it step by step cant skip 1 or 2 or 3 and get one rebirth max level
5. When you check to rebirth angel u can find rebirth quests per rebirth rank so grab your quest and make your rebirth
6. After you done a quest get back to heaven and complete it and you will get a rebirth stone then u can make rebirth in the rebirth angel ( when doing rebirth put all items to inventory and make free space 5 slots)



***Leveling Guide!***


Instant Lv: 80

Max Lv: 100

1. First when u enter to game you can find in your inventory welcome pack APO so just use it
2. When u use the pack u get 3 type of leveling bombs so chose your class level 45 / 55 / 80
3. If u want be FC Character click bomb lv 45 / If u want be DS Character click bomb lv 55 / If u want be Normal Character click bomb lv 80
4. After you chose your level u can continue to use skill pts and stats pts for your class
5. How get bigger as Lv80 ? You can find in game EXP Leveling Card you can get them in daily quest / chaos argent chest / APO Card Exchanger
6. Every one Exp Leveling Card give u 10% exp so after lv80 you need farm this card to get maximum level 100 ( After Lv80 is hard leveling)
7. One more way is leveling by sand bags outside argent city or you can leveling your disicple and get reputation points (Example)




!!!More Information and features you can find in the game so dont waste time and join to our comunity!!!


Edited by dpoevolution@hotmail.com

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Item Mall Center has been Lunched!

You can use your mall points in the website shop.


Grand Opening Event Item Mall [Event Duration: 12.3.2020 - 20.3.2020] Purchase any amount of IMPs during this time and you'll get double more once the payment has been completed!


How to get Item Mall Points?

1. Purchase Points - in website by PayPal

2. Events in Game

3. Passive Events

4. Pirate Ranking Reward APO Staff.

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Hello Pirates,

We are maked a new action for new begginers in the server now you are able get lv100 instant but dont frogot this event will be not always so dont waste time and join now! Call your friends and top players

How to get Level 100 ?

1. First of all create a game account ( if you are a new player)
2. Create new character with your name
3. If u are done the first and second step go to website and vote every 3 links!
4. Follow to Award Center > Miscelaneous > Buy Instat Level 100 Card Event
5. Go to your Storage Box and assing to game after that use it in game
6. Remember you must be lv1 to use new instant card so dont level before you use card if ur level already lv45-55-80 you cant use the card must create new character

Enjoy the Lv100 Event for new customers!!

[ Event End 20.4.2020 ]

APO Team

Edited by dpoevolution@hotmail.com

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