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Royal Pirates Online UPDATED

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Server Information

Website: http://royalpirates.servegame.com
Discord: https://discord.gg/pvEePhz


Vanilla-like Mid Rates
Solo Exp :           x3
Party Exp :         x5
Drop :                 x3
Ship Exp :           x10
Fairy Exp Rate : x80
Gems Max Lvl : 3
(Will eventually go higher)

Royal Pirates Online is an old-school ToP server with some modified features that are meant to enhance gameplay rather than make a different game. The server bases on doing mazes, bossing and farming equipment. After solving many bugs and making some major changes, the server is re-opening on March 7th.



  • An integrated interface for equipment, items, temporary inventory and apparels:


The server also provides a system for apparels to be unbound to equipment, this way you can change your apparel without need catalysts or re-gemming.


  • Chests of mazes have been modified so that they give equipment of their corresponding level:

Chest of Forsaken City -> random Unseal 45 equipment


Chest of Dark Swamp & Chest of Demonic World -> random Unseal 55 equipment


Chest of Enigma -> random Unseal 65 equipment


  • Added unseal 45 to 65 upgrade system (offensive mode & defensive mode)


Bosses have a small chance to drop unseal upgrade stones which you can use to make a better version of the equipment



Offensive and defensive upgrades provide different upgrades in the stats of the equipment depending on the mode:




  • On Stalls you can set your price to any item to trade! Dont need gold?, Looking for an specific item? No worries put your precious goods for sale, the price? The item you are looking for!



  • Gold Store Guild System: Guild Bank, Guild bonuses, Guild Missions!

 Guilds have been given more features, such as a vault to share drops, trade items or just bank stuff. Also guild quests have been added, consisting of huntig mobs for guild experience, guild lvl up can then be used to give al guild member permanent stats!



Guilds can have their own symbol and colour which can be customized:



By a permissions system the guild leader can appoint different roles to guildmembers, choosing who can access which part of the guild (Vault, Stats Management, Recruiting, etc)



  • Item Deleveler

An item deleveler has been added that allows user to decrease level requirement of an item, with a max use of 5 times.


  • Apparel Converter

You can convert your favourite weapon into an apparel with the apparel converter!


  • Club System (mentor disciple system)

Reaching certain levels while being under the mentorship of another player grants special rewards. There are rewards for lvl45, 55 and 65


  • Award Center in-game

Reputation can be obtained via disciple leveling, hex quest and as a drop from mazes mobs, it can then be used to exchange for useful items



  • IMPs can be exchanged the same way as gold in a trade 



  • All wings Can be upgraded to Flying wing and with the upgrade +1 pr is added
  • Bracelets/Belts and HandGuards
  • Amplifier times are stored even if u disconect
  • Rear Fairies
  • Swings
  • Item Lock System
  • Mazes Boss Completion system (need to beat boss dw 1 to go dw 2)



  • Unique gems are dropped from all bosses with small chance in mazes and Expert Chests in CA
  • Regular Gems Are Dropped From Standart Chests, Salvage and bosses
  • Broken Gems Forgeable on Rings, Dropped From FC Mobs
  • Cracked Gems Dropped From DS Mobs
  • Chipped Dropped From DW Bosses


  • Chaos Argent opens every 6 hours
  • Dream Island (and its maps)
  • Forsaken City (Lv30 to Lv45) every 3 hours
  • Dark Swamp  (Lv40 to Lv55) every 3 hours
  • Demonic World (Lv50+) every 3 hours
  • All Abba Maps
  • Mirages
  • Capture The Flag
  • Winter Quest becomes avaiable once you reach lv86

 The discord server has a suggestions channel always open for players contributions

Edited by smuff
Updated the server

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