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Sunset Pirates Online

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Welcome to Sunset Pirates Online!!



*Website: http://sunset-pirates.com
*Discord: https://discord.gg/RjsCWY4



Instant Level- 100
Max Level- 130
Max Pet Level- 60
Drop rate- 15x


*Anti Dupe Protection!
*Anti Bot System!

Pk Maps!
*Valley of Death
*Chaos War
*Chaos Argent
*Mask of Death

Farming Maps
*Silver Mine
*Demonic World 1-2
*Dark Swamp 1-3

*Ares Dungeon
 You have to register with full Party and There are two levels of Difficulty. Normal and hard!
*Normal Stage: Players at lv105-119. There are 5x Waves of bosses that must be killed. After finished you will get rewards!
*Hard Stage: Players At Lv120-130 is the same challenge But You will get better Rewards

*Beach Dungeon
*You have to make full party but make sure there is not same class in pt or alts!
*You have to kill 40 Mobs to unleash Beach Boss and after you finish all things your party will be rewarded with 3x Random Reward!


*Important Things in server!


*Talented System!!
Class Skills Improvements
After Doing Rebirth You will be able to Choose and Upgrade One of your Class Skills 
with Stronger Effects


*Kals are droped From:
*Dw 1 Chests
*Dw 2 Chests
*DS 3 Chests
*DW B1
*DW B2
*DS B3
*Death Soul Commander
*CA/MOD/CW (King Emblem): Exchange 5x emblems for 5x Kals in NPC
*Kal Exchanger: (1x Kal for 150 Birch Wood Logs)  Lavender Core Tree (Solace)


You can farm money by killing
*Silver Mine Mobs
*Demonic World Mobs
*Dark Swamp Mobs
*All chest in pk mazes giving good amount of money!

*Leveling until 130!

After you Instant lvl yourself check near ft Npc!
*Leveling Quests you have to kill DW1,DW2 Bosses,Deathsoul Commander,Barborosa Bosses To get Exp Potion each Exp potion is 1 Level!

Thats little bit of our server features if you want see more JOINS US!!





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GREAT NEWS..!! Sunset Pirates Online Official Server is finally HERE.. Join us right now to start an amazing journey with Unique Features, Mazes full of PK, Many Bosses to Defeat, Hard Quests to Complete and much more...

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Join Big Events at saturday in 18.00 Server time!
[Event 1 -]

-Set Stall Event(3x Rounds with many Stuffs)

[Event 2 -]

- 3x Rounds Word Reverse

[Event 3 - ]
- All people who join will be rewarded with Lottery Tickets!

See Ya on saturday

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Hello we made updates for new People!
*Every mob at silver mine giving you now 350-450 Gold
*Demonic world mobs giving 800 Gold
*Money Quest increased!
Part 1-20k Note
Part 2-30K Note
Part 3-40k Note
*Unseal Wep exchanger updated!
*Beach Dungeon Prizes Increased
You will need now just Kals
*Leveling Quest changed and we made it bit easyer
*Added on Guide npc Map time opening!
*Hell Chapter bosses hp nerfed!
*Easy Bosses hp also nerfed!
Call your friends and Join us!

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*Update log!

*Hell Chapter Increased little bit!

*Fixed Quest disban problem you can remove it now!

*Fixed all medium boss drop all boss will drop you chest and from chest you will get items!

*DualShoot Talent System Damange Increased

Join us!

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Balance Changelogs After Restart:


-Champs Slightly decreased max and Def


-Crusaders and SS Max has been Increased


-Herbalists Class (SM/Cler) Bolt and Heal Have been increased


-Clerics Max SP Increased/ Def slightly increased


-SM Max HP have been increased/ Def Slightly Increased


-SM Abyss Mire Slow Effect is now working good


-Voys Def have Been Increased/ Bolt and Conch Damage have been increased


-Voys Tornado effect is always 100% now



-Magics uns95 Armor PR has been increased from 27-28 to 35

-Talents Effect have been updated due to new balances

You may log in Enjoy...

Join Us!


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Hello February Updates Finish!!!
*Added Fury Wepons for DS!!
*New Map Chaos Icicle!!
*First Pk Map for DS Chaos War!!
*Hell Chapter Guide Npc Added!
*New Easy boss in Mine - Behemoth
*Kal Exchanger Nerfed so now you need 200 Woods for 1 Kal!
*Glow Npc Coming tomorrow!
*In Mod Stealth Disabled

*Balance Log!
*Voy- Hp,Def Increased!
*SM- Hp,Def Increased!
*SS- Rousing Skill give more aspd and also increased little bit hp!
*Cleric- Increased SP Little bit!!

Server Online!

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Update Log Finish!

*Glow Npc added check ici ft!(All People who got Sunset Set can change glows)

*King/Queen Back in npc!!

Added some impromvent in game!


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